How do I submit my VAT ID to Printful?

If you submit a valid VAT ID to Printful, we will charge you 0% VAT. You may have to collect VAT from your customers where applicable.

Here's how to submit your VAT ID:

  1. First, register as a VAT payer in the country where your business is located
  2. Go to your Printful dashboard
  3. Click Billing. If you don't have a default payment method set up, click "Add payment method." If you already have a default payment method, you'll have to delete it and click "Add payment method" to enter it again.
  4. Enter your VAT in the VAT field
  5. Printful will verify your ID using European Commission VAT validator software

If the VAT ID you provided is valid, it will look like this:

Then Printful will add a VAT charge of 0% for orders going to the European Union that are fulfilled at our Europe location.

The one exception is for orders going to Latvia. Since we're located in Latvia, we will add a 21% VAT rate for orders going to that country since they're considered domestic and can't have 0% VAT.

If the VAT ID you provided isn't valid, it will look like this:

Then we'll charge all orders going to EU member states with a VAT rate of 21%.

It's also possible to enter your VAT ID in the billing step during order checkout.  

Note: Printful is also obligated to declare all invoices with a 0% VAT charge to our Revenue Services.

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