How do I configure VAT on Storenvy?

Consult a tax specialist to learn about your tax obligations and whether you're required to charge VAT.

It's not possible to set up taxes for multiple locations on Storenvy. Tax settings are based on your business location, and it's not possible to enter more than one.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Focus on one region – either North America or the EU. Then configure taxes based only on that region.
  2. Open two separate stores – one for North American customers and another one targeting the European Union.
  3. Don't charge your customers VAT, but raise your retail prices to account for Printful's VAT charge. One drawback here is that you risk overcharging your US customers.

Learn more on configuring taxes on Storenvy here.

Starting October 2nd 2017, Printful will charge 21% VAT for orders fulfilled in Europe with a shipping address in the EU. 

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