How does VAT apply to my warehoused products in Latvia?

This does not constitute professional tax advice. We strongly advise consulting a tax specialist to find out your specific obligations.

If your products are stored at our Latvia warehouse:

  1. You may be liable to register as a VAT payer in Latvia, since that's where your products are stored. This is regardless of your sales threshold. 
  2. If you're registered as a VAT payer, charge VAT on all of your orders going to EU member states (including orders with non-warehoused products).
  3. Printful will add a 21% VAT charge on your monthly storage fees, and on fulfillment and shipping fees for orders going to EU member states. If you provide us with a valid VAT ID, we'll add a 0% VAT charge, except for orders going to Latvia – those will always have a 21% VAT charge.

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