What are digitization and adjustment fees?

When it comes to hat and apparel embroidery, all embroidery files need to be digitized to a format the embroidery machines support.

Each embroidery type (flat/3D/partial) requires a separate digitized file. This is a one-time fee for each new design, and the fee depends on the type and placement of the design: 

  • Standard digitization fee for most designs: $6.50 (€5.75) per file
  • Designs created in our mockup generator's text tool: $3.95 (€3.70) per file
  • Designs on the back or sides of a hat: $2.95 (€2.50) per file

You can later reuse the digitized files for the same type of embroidery orders (note that the digitized files are for internal use only, so they can't be used elsewhere).

An example of a digitized file

Note that the stitch density and direction differ in hat and apparel embroidery. If you want to use hat embroidery files for apparel or vice versa, they need to be adjusted, and this costs $2.95 (€2.50) per file. 3D or partial 3D puff techniques aren't available on apparel, so any previously digitized 3D or partial 3D puff hat files have to be digitized from scratch for apparel.

Remember that we don't accept embroidery files that have been digitized elsewhere because these files need to be adjusted to work with our embroidery machines.


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