Can I drop off my inventory at your warehouse by myself?

Due to concerns over Covid-19, shipment drop-off point is temporarily closed. All shipments sent by main to our Charlotte facility will be stocked in 7–14 business days, while shipments to our Riga, Latvia facility will be stocked in 1–5 business days.

Yes, you can! If you don’t live far from our fulfillment centers in Charlotte, North Carolina or Riga, Latvia and would like to deliver your products by yourself rather than mail the inventory, this is what you have to do:

  1. Prepare a package of your products
  2. Add a shipping notice that lists the products included in the package and their quantity
  3. Head over to the Shipments tab in the Warehouse section of your dashboard
  4. Press “Add new shipment”
  5. Add the products you’re going to deliver to us in the package, and press “Continue”
  6. Select the Printful warehouse where you’ll store the products
  7. Choose the option “I’ll drop off the products myself”
  8. Write the generated package ID number on the outside of your package
  9. Submit the shipment so that we know the products will be arriving

Once you’ve done this, you can deliver the products to the warehouse you’ve chosen. You can see the exact addresses of our fulfillment centers when you’re choosing the facility where you want to store your products - simply click “See addresses”. 

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