Success Stories


Boldomatic is a next-generation social network centered around everything text. With writers from over 170 countries, and a catalogue of content featuring more than 500'000 posts, providing a on-demand shop which allows all of the digital content to become physical products makes a lot of sense. The Printful enables this for Boldomatic, and through the use of on-demand print technology, over 12'000'000 unique products are offered on the Boldoamtic shop with up to 600 million configurations, deliverable internationally within days.

Because each order can be completely unique, Boldomatic makes heavy use of the the Printful API to create individual customized products on-the-fly. When a customer adds products to the shopping cart, shipping costs are easily calculated based on the customers location. Product print spreads are automatically generated when a customer submits an order, and detailed high-quality mockup images are uploaded to be included in packing slips.

"We couldn't have launched our shop so soon without outsourcing the inventory, printing, and fulfillment. Integrating with the Printful allowed us to focus on our shop technology and product mockup rendering system. When the Printful adds a new product to it's growing catalogue, it takes us little effort to add it to our system, where literally overnight our shop will have hundreds of thousands new unique products available to purchase."

-Dan Krusi, Technology Lead, Boldomatic

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