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With over 167M monthly visitors, eBay is one of the few industry leaders with years of experience in ecommerce. Printful's integration makes it easy to become a seller on one of the most popular marketplaces.

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How does it work?

Create Ebay account

Create and register your eBay account

It's free to get started

Connect Ebay to PayPal

Link your eBay account with PayPal

This allows your orders to go through smoothly

Connect Printful drop shipping integration for Ebay

Create your Printful account

Sign up or log in to your Printful account to connect it with eBay

Sell custom print-on-demand products on Ebay

Add and sync products to your store

Use our product push generator for that

Drop ship custom products on Ebay

Set up your shipping

To make sure your orders are sent out smoothly

Use print-on-demand drop shipping with Ebay

You're all set!

All orders will automatically import to Printful

Some important things to note

  • It's free to create an account on eBay! They don't charge subscription fees, but they charge 10% of every sale made on their platform as well as a $0.35 listing fee.
  • eBay doesn't support live shipping rates – flat rates only.
  • This integration is only available for
  • Only fixed price listing format is supported (no auctions).
  • New users have a limit of 10 variants and a total of $500 in retail value.

Why choose Printful + eBay?

It's free to set up

You only pay when an order is made

Get noticed

Boost your listings to get more exposure

Sell right from your phone

The eBay app makes listing products even faster and more convenient

Automatic fulfillment

Printful prints and ships orders automatically

Reach millions

Drive traffic from Google Shopping to your listings

White label

No Printful branding – orders look like they came from you

Planning to also sell items produced elsewhere?

Try out Printful Warehousing & Fulfillment

Warehousing & Fulfillment
If you’re selling products not made by Printful as well, take a look at our Warehousing & Fulfillment service. Store your inventory at our Europe warehouse in Riga, Latvia, and we’ll fulfill all your orders for you.
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