Profit Calculator

Your profit is up to you. Check how much you earn for each product you sell

How does Printful pricing work

When a customer buys something from your store, the order goes through to Printful for fulfillment and shipping. Printful charges you a set amount for the printing and the product itself, and whatever is left over is your profit. Your retail price - Printful price = Your profit.

Take a look at this video to learn more about how Printful works.

How do I calculate my profit

Use our profit calculator to get a ballpark for how much you earn per product. But there's more to it than that. You also have to take into account the fixed costs you pay to run your store, like hosting or payment provider fees.

Once you subtract your total expenses from your sales, you'll have your net profit. This is a more realistic look at how much you're taking in.

Pricing strategies

Printful recommends a minimum profit margin of 30%, but your pricing is up to you. If you're not sure how much you should charge your customers, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who's in your niche and how much are they willing to pay for your products?

  • What is a comparable price for similar products on the market?

  • Do you plan to offer free shipping? This is a great sales incentive, but you'd have to make up for it in your profit margin.

Does Printful offer discounts?

When you've reached a certain number of sales each month, you can qualify for monthly discounts. That means you can buy products from Printful for even less, and improve your profit margins.

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