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A professional logo created in a few easy steps

100+ fully customizable logo templates to choose from

Free downloadables to use in your website, social media, and more

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Beginner logo maker

Beginner-friendly logo design with a pro finish

With just a few, beginner-friendly steps, it only takes a couple of minutes to get a sleek and professional logo for your brand

Logo designer templates

Fully customizable logo templates

Choose from 100+ different logo templates and customize the one you like most to make it your own

Downloadable logos

Downloadable files for your website, social media, and more

Download files with and without background and use for different purposes—your merch, clothing inside labels, social media, email signatures, and so much more

How our Logo Maker can help your business

Logo that represents your brand

Pick a look and feel for your logo that matches your brand's vibe

100+ logo templates to pick from

Explore templates and watch your logo shape up

Customizable features

Change the font, text size, colors, and add clipart to create your ideal logo

Free downloadables

Use your logo on your website, social media, product designs, and more

How to create a logo

Part 1
Choose the look & feel

Select up to 3 options

Part 2
Pick a template

Choose a template you like the most

Part 3
Personalize your logo

Edit the text, add clipart, and change colors

Part 4
Download your new logo

Use it for your website, social media, or merch

Use your logo to brand your products


Use our Design Maker to create products for your store


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