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Stress-free group orders

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Ordering merch for large groups can be difficult

You need to collect shipping addresses, sizes, and color preferences, and more. It’s time-consuming and creates room for error.

The Shareable Product Template makes group orders easy. Simply design a product in our free Design Maker, save the product template, and share the template through a link. 

Share the link with your group and let each member order a product for themselves.

How does it work?

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Choose and design your product

In our catalog, you’ll find products for your group orders:

  • Sports team gear, family party mementos
  • Merch for your employees
  • Any other special occasions

When you’ve found your product, customize it in our free Design Maker.

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Save the template

Once you’re set on the design, save the designed product as a template (all your saved templates automatically appear on your dashboard). 

When you want to share the template:

  • Go to Product Templates in your dashboard
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the template
  • Enable sharing and allow ordering your designed product via the link
an example of a template that's ready to be shared

Share it

Share your link with whomever you please. After filling out shipping and payment details, the link’s recipient will place an order themselves.

They’ll be able to pick the size, color, and quantity of the product, leaving your design untouched.

How to share your templates

A quick step-by-step guide

Matching gear for special occasions

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