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Your guide to Printful taxes

Sort out the legal side of your ecommerce store

How to set up your store’s taxes in three steps

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1. Understand your tax obligations

Review which taxes apply to your selling regions and consult a tax professional
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Printful will charge tax on your orders depending on your customers’ location. Check if you need to register as a taxpayer in the country or state where you sell and if any tax exemptions apply.

Remember—the taxes we charge you as our customer don’t replace the tax obligations you might have as a seller. You may be liable to collect taxes directly from your customers and/or pay taxes to your local taxing authority. 

We strongly recommend consulting a professional to determine your tax obligations, what permits and licenses you need, and ensure you follow all the necessary business laws. 

How to find professional tax advice

Here are some services that can offer you a helpful hand in the legal field

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2. Submit your legal information to Printful

We’ll review your tax documentation, and if any exemptions apply to you, we won’t charge you tax
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How to become tax-exempt with Printful

  • Head to the Legal info section on your Printful Dashboard and add your legal info to make sure your invoices for Printful orders are valid.
  • If you’re registered as a taxpayer, find the respective tax exemption in the Billing section of your Printful Dashboard (e.g., EU and UK VAT, AU and NZ GST).
  • Submit the required Tax ID and documentation (e.g., the US resale certificate or the EU VAT ID number).
  • If you have a different tax-exemption certificate (e.g., if your organization is a charity or non-profit), you can email us at [email protected]. You can find information about tax-exemption certificates here.
  • Some tax exemptions require our approval. In such cases, we’ll require up to two business days to review the submitted documentation.
  • Once your exemption documents are approved, we’ll stop charging you the respective tax.
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Things to keep in mind

  • We won’t charge you tax for an order only if the tax exemption documentation was submitted and approved before you placed it.
  • Make sure to use the correct resale certificate form—some US states use the universal multistate form, but some have their state-specific form. Use our guidelines to fill out the form correctly.
  • You can find all your order invoices in the Payments section of your Printful Dashboard and submit them to tax authorities (e.g., to get back the overpaid tax).
  • If you’re not registered as a taxpayer, recheck and readjust your retail prices to avoid losing profit on tax charges.
  • Check if your ecommerce platform offers to automatically charge tax to your customers. By enabling a feature like that, you can streamline your tax payments.
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3. Set up taxes on your storefront

Setting up taxes is different for each platform. Choose your integration and follow the instructions

Why Printful?

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Printful has been integral to my company’s early success. They handle all the things I don’t have time to worry about, like shipping and manufacturing.



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