Custom workout leggings

Boost your workout experience and create custom athletic leggings with your design

Create workout leggings with your design or brand logo

Sell sports leggings online or buy a pair for yourself with no minimums

Drop ship leggings to shoppers faster from the nearest fulfillment centers around the globe

Design high-waisted workout leggings with Printful

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Improve your workouts

Stay comfortable during anything you do. Our performance leggings are made from polyester, spandex, and soft microfiber yarn.

Add stunning all-over print designs

Start selling colorful workout leggings! Add your design and order for yourself or sell online under your brand.

Choose your own unique style

Prepare yourself for refreshing yoga sessions and evening runs with our leggings. Choose between Capri or full-length and enjoy your workouts.

Sell print-on-demand workout leggings

Create your own online store and add custom-designed sports leggings to your catalog. Sell them to activewear fans around the world with no minimums.

How to get custom workout leggings

Part 1
Pick a product

Choose your favorite leggings model and size

Part 2
Add your design

Upload your design or easily create a new one with our Design Maker

Part 3
Order your custom leggings

Get your new workout leggings shipped to you across the globe

Choose a product and start designing

Ready to start an online store and sell athletic leggings?

Create workout leggings with Printful’s Design Maker

Custom legging pattern

Design eye-catching patterns

All-over print leggings look gorgeous with pattern designs. For the best results, use full-bleed images to cover the whole surface of the leggings.

Leggings with clipart

Discover our clipart collection

Spice up the design of your sports apparel with Printful’s clipart designs. Choose from our collection and create quality leggings that match your style or brand.

Start your online business by selling workout leggings

Sign up for free

Connect your store to Printful and don’t pay any registration fees.

Choose custom branding options

Increase the value to your leggings by adding custom branding, like labels, pack-ins, and packing slips.

Use on-demand drop shipping

Sell workout leggings on-demand and forget about pre-ordering products for your store. We'll drop ship your orders to your customers faster with our fulfillment centers around the globe.

Support responsible fulfillment

Save resources and avoid leftover stock. The leggings you sell with Printful are created only when your customer places an order.


Printful lets us keep our product lineup fresh

I love Printful’s wide range of high-quality products and their responsive customer service. Teaming up with Printful lets us keep our product lineup fresh, and gives us the freedom to grow the business without tying up our money in 2,000 t-shirts in my garage.

Aaron Reynolds


Now's the time to sell your own workout leggings!

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