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Command industry and product trends with print-on-demand

Easily respond to what’s popular with on-demand production

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Make merchandise that sells fast

Product trends come and go but it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Why? Trends drive sales and customer engagement. Offering products that are in style will keep customers interested and interacting with your brand.

Tap into the advantages of on-demand

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Mass production is out, on-demand is in

  • Offer customized apparel to boost sales with more consumers
  • Rely on on-demand production to easily add custom designs to your product catalog
  • Market on-trend products to the most influential demographic—Gen Z
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Quality over quantity

  • Partner with Printful for high-quality wardrobe staples that are on-trend yet well-made
  • Make it last: high print quality + a durable blank product = a longer product life cycle
  • Stay popular by launching new digital print designs instead of bulk manufacturing 
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Drop new collections in minutes, not months

  • Cut your time-to-market down to minutes
  • Get realistic product mockups without expensive photoshoots
  • Easily find your next bestseller by testing design ideas

Start using print-on-demand services

Part 1

Design products

Choose Printful and start designing custom products

Part 2

Add products to your store

Sell online without the hassle of inventory or overproduction

Part 3

Market your collections

Promote your products through various channels and campaigns

Part 4

Relax while we fulfill

Once a customer buys from you, we’ll print, pack, and ship the orders under your brand

Made-to-order means more sustainable options

Respond to an increasing demand for sustainable clothing

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Changing tides

Gen Z is moving away from big department stores and opting for businesses that are making an effort to reduce waste and operate in a more responsible manner.

New business model

With made-to-order third-party printing services, products get printed only when a customer buys them, which translates to less waste from bulk production and no overstock.

Merchandise variety

Our eco-friendly product collection consists of items made of at least 70% organic or recycled materials, or such material blends.

Make customization a hallmark of your brand

See how Dunkin’ Donuts did it

Dunkin’ Donuts apparel

In 2020, Dunkin’ Donuts dropped a limited edition holiday merchandise collection. In addition to buying Dunkin’ swag, shoppers were able to customize apparel and accessories with their names. 

Once a buyer added their name to the design and made a purchase, each order was automatically sent to Printful. There, it was printed or embroidered and shipped directly to the shopper under the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. 

This campaign proved to be such a success that customized apparel is now part of the Dunkin’ Donuts merchandise store.

Businesses that trust Printful quality

Use our industry expertise as your competitive advantage

Affordable prices

No upfront inventory investments and other in-house fulfillment costs

No more overproduction or dead stock

Don’t deal with stock management, just focus on growing your brand

Demand forecasting

Printful fulfills the product once an order has been made from your store

Fast lead times for orders worldwide

We have facilities globally—it takes 2–5 business days to fulfill an order and ship it fast


Premium quality products

Since 2015, Printful has helped us grow by making premium quality products for us. Our customers are constantly impressed with the quality of the print and shirts. I wouldn’t work with the company if they didn’t carry across the premium quality nature of the products I desire my brand to be known for.

Marc Sach