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Reduce product waste and expenses

Scale your business without overproduction

Why your business should put sustainability first

The global customer base demands it

Sustainability is high on the agenda for many young customers and they increasingly favor brands that align with their values. Research shows that 73% of Gen Z consumers, more than any other generation, are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

It saves you time and money

Sustainable companies are more profitable than non-sustainable ones due to the optimization of their supply and manufacturing chains while using fewer resources and gaining better investment opportunities.

Fast fashion should be a thing of the past

Fast fashion is a heavy burden on our planet’s climate and you can avoid participating in the cycle by choosing on-demand manufacturing where a product is fulfilled only when your customer places an order.

How your business can become more sustainable with our help

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Switching to eco-friendly packaging

When you partner with Printful, your customers receive their apparel orders in post-consumer recycled polymer packaging. You can also stock your own custom packaging in our warehouses.

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Offering eco-friendly products

You have the chance to offer your customers plenty of products from our eco-friendly category. All products in this category are made of at least 70% organic or recycled materials or such material blends.

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Minimizing overproduction

1 in 5 garments ends up in landfills without being worn. With on-demand production, you can avoid overproduction and leftover stock that ends up in landfills and does harm to the environment.

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Sustainability in numbers

  • 20 new eco-friendly products added in 2021
  • 200% growth of eco-friendly products sold by us in 2021 compared to 2020
  • 80% of orders delivered in the same region they’re fulfilled

Put sustainable production first with on-demand manufacturing

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Choose sustainable production and avoid greenwashing

Greenwashing is a practice where businesses claim their products are environmentally friendly without proof. 

At Printful, we stand for transparency and honesty. We never attribute eco-friendliness to our products if we have no certification that proves it, and we encourage others to do the same. 

To avoid greenwashing, your brand needs to pay attention to the words you use when describing your products, use third-party certification, and communicate your efforts to your customers.

CO2 emissions

Offset your carbon emissions with each order

Printful has partnered with Native to give your customers the option to offset all CO2 emissions associated with their orders. CO2 offsetting is a practice of funding projects that reduce or absorb CO2 emissions related to personal or business activities.

By choosing this option, your customers will offset the average emissions associated with blank product manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping, and expected product care.

This option is available for live shipping rate users only. 

man in eco-friendly t-shirts

Closer to the customers, kinder to the planet

To reduce the impact of shipping on the environment, we suggest stocking your store with products that are fulfilled in your core markets. Moving fulfillment closer to your customers reduces greenhouse emissions created by transporting products across the world.

Fulfilling responsibly across the globe

Strategically located fulfillment centers help to reduce CO2 emissions from shipping