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Amplify revenue while empowering your creators

Your artists are already selling products to their fans. Help them do it all in one place and become their go-to merchandise marketplace.

Print-on-demand is the perfect no-risk model for all content creation platforms

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Your creators already have a global audience they could be monetizing by selling merchandise.

But not everyone has the resources to create, stock, sell, and ship merch internationally.

Whether they get 1 sale per month or 500 every week—on-demand fulfillment fits everyone with 0 financial risks for you or your creators.

Make offering merchandise easy and earn from each sale your artists get.

Get a percentage of your creators’ sales while we handle inventory

Part 1
Embed Printful’s Design Maker

Consult our team and offer the white-label design tool to help artists create products on your platform and later sell to fans

Part 2
Help creators market products

Encourage artists to make merchandise and sell it directly on your platform

Part 3
Earn from sales

Every time your creators make a product sale, you get a commission fee and we handle fulfillment

The world’s leading platforms see the print-on-demand potential. Do you?

Spotify partnering with Printful

Don’t take only our word for it.

Spotify and Shopify integrated last year, highlighting print-on-demand as an easy way for artists to start selling their merchandise. Spotify continues to regularly promote this option to their artists.

Take it one step further and connect with Printful to get the Embedded Design Maker. This makes it easier for creators worldwide to make content on your platform while offering fans merch at the same time.

We work with businesses in every industry, at any size
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Provide a streamlined way for your customers to sell globally

Don’t lose out on revenue

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Add an extra stream of income for your artists

Content creators can experiment with their product offering on your platform without risking cash flow or carrying excess stock. We make the products only when their fans order them.

Earn from a worldwide audience

Help your creators expand their local audience into a global fanbase. Choose a partner that’ll help them sell quickly to fans all around the world. We provide consistent high-quality merchandise across 16 fulfillment centers globally.

Jump on trends in hours, not weeks

Make it possible for your creators to launch new products quickly, without up-front costs or stock, on your platform.

Put the focus on the creators

You’re the Alfred to your artists’ Batman, enabling them to become great. Let us be your secret weapon, producing white label products with your creators’ logos.

Keep your artists with you

Become a platform where creators can focus not only on their content but also on their profits. No one wants to lose their revenue stream, so it’s an obvious customer lock-in that’ll keep them with you for a long time.

Why choose Printful?

Printful employee stacking boxes

1M+ orders completed every month and we’re ready to ship even more

Printful fulfillment centers across the globe

17 worldwide production facilities to ensure fans get their orders fast

Printful and Shopify store

439 premium products for creators to brand and make uniquely theirs to sell

“I really like the Printful format, especially as an independent artist. You don’t have to buy a bunch of merch, keep it in stock, and then ship it whenever people order.


Once you’ve created your designs, you don’t have to worry about things getting shipped. You can focus on being an artist and doing something creative.


The process is easy. It’s not overwhelming. This has been so simple and so user-friendly.”


Laura Rizzotto, Musician and Printful customer

You’re not just a content creation platform. You’re also a merch marketplace. Start benefiting from it.

Let content creators make their own merchandise easily

Implement our Embedded Design Maker solution

Allow your artists to be creative

They can freely choose items from the expanding Printful product collection and add the design directly through the white-label tool on your website.

Save your company’s time and resources

Developing your own solution could take up to 6 months, whereas, setting up Printful’s Design Maker will take significantly less time.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Our AI tools that automatically upscale graphics for printing requirements also help to provide the best quality experience for the customers.

Be among the first ones to try it out

As of now, the embedded Design Maker is in beta testing, so you have the chance to be one of the first companies to offer this solution to customers. Interested? Contact us below!

We’re close to fans all over the globe

A map of the world is shown that highlights where Printful fulfills your orders: Riga, Latvia; Barcelona, Spain; Birmingham, The United Kingdom; Partner facilities in Amakusa and Kashima, Japan; Partner facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Charlotte, North Carolina, Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, United States; Tijuana, Mexico, Partner facility in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Melbourne, Australia Partner facility Brisbane, Australia Partner facility Riga, Latvia Birmingham, UK Barcelona, Spain Los Angeles, CA Charlotte, NC Dallas, TX Toronto, Canada Tijuana, Mexico Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Partner facility Kashima, Japan Amakusa, Japan Partner facility Partner facility