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Increase your revenue by selling holiday merchandise

Offer fans this season’s trends without risking leftover stock

Avoid inventory costs with print-on-demand

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You can’t test new design ideas

Pre-ordering holiday merchandise means you have to design and buy products long before the season starts. It’s complicated to test new collections and it’s almost impossible to react to trends fast. On-demand production eliminates those challenges.

  • Switch up your store offering. Print-on-demand allows you to try various products and designs, see what sells best, and cater to every fan. 
  • React to trends quickly. When a new season’s trend emerges, you can start selling it to your fans on the same day. 
  • Don’t worry about inventory. You won’t have to deal with leftover stock just because the holidays are over. Printful fulfills all items only once your fans order them.
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Product customization is ineffective for you

Ordering inventory in bulk doesn’t allow for product personalization, so you can’t offer fans to design their own merchandise. With our design tool integration and on-demand production, you can let your customers design items and buy them. With no order volume minimum and even during holidays.

  • Build a strong relationship with your fans by letting them add personal details to your products at no extra cost.
  • Attract new customers by offering a personal shopping experience they haven’t seen anywhere else.
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Your product offering is limited

Every new collection costs you money, some of which you may lose due to unsold inventory. That limits your ability to test more designs, colors, and sizes. On-demand production lets you expand your product assortment without upfront investment. See what generates demand and remove all items that don’t sell.

  • Expand your product catalog by choosing from 344 premium products that Printful offers.
  • Experiment with new designs without upfront costs and adjust your product offering as needed.
  • Showcase your products with professional product mockups. Choose from 1.4K+ photos to instantly promote new items.
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You risk losing money with overstock

You may want to get ready for the holiday season with a large stock of your fan favorites and offer new items. But the uncertainty about a possible recession puts you at financial risk, so you must be mindful about investing in inventory. On-demand manufacturing allows you to mitigate that risk while solving two issues: overstock and understock.

  • Choose print-on-demand as a solution to sell merch instead of stocking products you may never move.
  • Don’t lose potential sales by having a small stock due to economic uncertainty.

Jump on the hottest trends quickly

hottest trends

The holiday season is a great time to jump on global trends, like selling ugly Christmas sweaters. Even major entertainment, fashion, food chain, and IT companies use the ugly sweater trend to their advantage and offer this holiday bestseller. That alone can generate millions of dollars per season. Not only does this fun trend boost sales, but it’s also an effective way to promote your brand. 


  • Printful offers the all-over print technique, which is perfect for designing ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • On-demand manufacturing is the best way to experiment with the product categories you don’t normally offer, which you can easily remove from your catalog if they don’t sell.
  • Print-on-demand allows you to create multiple merchandise collections with an unlimited number of designs and see what fans buy.

Exceed expectations with superb merchandise quality

Sell products to your fans worldwide


Shortest delivery time possible and low shipping costs

  • Our 13 fulfillment centers are strategically located accross the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • We can ship out items to your fans as fast as within 2 days after we receive their order.
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Premium products, cutting-edge technology, and standartized quality assurance

  • We do a thorough 3-step quality control: check the design graphics before and during printing, then do a final product review before shipping out products to your fans.
  • We’ve invested {custom|investmentUSD} in Kornit, Mimaki, and Epson series machines, so you can be sure your products will look excellent. Other print-on-demand companies may use the same printers, but we’ve fine-tuned ours for maximum print color output in all our locations.
  • We’re a vertically integrated company that offers software and production, which allows us to control 100% of the product fulfillment.

1M+ orders delivered every month and we’re ready to ship even more

344 premium merchandise pieces you can customize with print or embroidery designs

Only 0.27% of all orders reshipped due to quality concerns

Be close to your fans all over the globe