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Custom puzzles

Order a unique puzzle for yourself or sell puzzles online

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Design premium quality jigsaw puzzles for yourself, friends, or your online store

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Create puzzles out of your favorite photos, artwork, or any other design

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Design high-quality personalized puzzles

One of the most versatile custom products

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Create the perfect gift for a special occasion

Surprise your family members, friends, or their kids with a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle

Take your hobby to the next level

Enjoy putting together a puzzle with your own artwork or photos of your favorite memories

Use puzzles as company merch

Create custom puzzles with your company logo or team photo and use them as corporate gifts, freebies at events, and more

Sell custom puzzles online

Design a profitable product that fits any niche and sell it with no upfront costs

How to get a custom puzzle

Part 1

Pick a puzzle size

Choose between 252 and 520 pieces

Part 2

Design your own puzzle

Upload your design or create one with our Design Maker

Part 3

Order or sell your custom puzzle

Wait for your puzzle delivery or add the jigsaw puzzle to your online store

Design and sell custom puzzles online

Piece your design together with our free Design Maker

custom photo puzzles

Revisit fun memories

Create personalized photo puzzles as anniversary or birthday gifts using your most endearing memories. Design the perfect puzzle visuals with:

  • Personal photos
  • Photo collages
  • Favorite quotes
  • Significant dates
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Expand your own puzzle collection

Fan of jigsaw puzzles? Why not create a collectible item like no other:

  • Upload and edit your own photos or artwork
  • Enhance your design with fun clipart
  • Add finishing touches with some text
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Make puzzles with Premium Images

Go one step further and use high-resolution visuals from Getty images in your puzzle design. Here are some popular puzzle ideas:

  • Scenic views
  • Cute animals
  • Famous buildings
  • Popular travel destinations

Check out these jigsaw puzzles for inspiration

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custom jigsaw puzzle
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Time to design jigsaw puzzles

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