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We do our best work together, and it’s worth celebrating and appreciating one another every day.

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Our culture

People are the core of our company, so we want to make sure that working at Printful is as comfortable and accessible as possible. We offer remote work opportunities, which helps us hire more diverse people, and helps us minimize the environmental impact of our daily commute.

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Code of conduct

Since we want our partnerships to match our values, and to clearly communicate them, we’ve published our own Code of Conduct. It serves as guidance on how Printful conducts business and outlines the expectations we have for our suppliers and partners.

We’ve also partnered with ethical trade organization Sedex to ensure transparency and help us monitor our supplier compliance.

In short, as a company, we aim to improve production sustainability, support employees and communities, combat climate change, and guarantee ethical working standards.

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Giving back

We’re proud to have been involved in several partnerships in Latvia, and we’re actively looking to extend our support to other Printful locations across the world.

We are one of the biggest supporters of Baltic Pride through powering their Diversity shop. All proceeds go to the Association of LGBT and their friends MOZAIKA, the organization behind Baltic Pride. MOZAIKA also supports us with educational materials and guest lectures on diversity topics.

Printful also has a long-term partnership with Junior Achievement Latvia—a non-governmental organization and an expert in business education in Latvian schools. Since 2013, we’ve been welcoming high school students in our Latvia office once a year to show them various job opportunities and what everyday work is like at Printful.

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