How to start a print-on-demand business for beginners

Learn how to build your own print-on-demand ecommerce business with Printful.

How to start a print-on-demand business for beginners
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In this course

How print-on-demand works

How to find a niche for your store

How to create custom products with Printful

How to set up an ecommerce integration with Printful

How to add products to your store, configure billing, and set up shipping

How to optimize your ecommerce store

How to use social media and word-of-mouth marketing

Course outline:

Module 1: Learn about print-on-demand
  1. Introduction
  2. What is print-on-demand?
  3. Introduction to Printful
Module 2: Create your first product
  1. Find your ecommerce niche
  2. Get to know Printful's products
  3. Direct to garment printing
  4. All-over printing
  5. Design your first product
  6. Embroidery
Module 3: Choose a platform, start selling
  1. Ecommerce platforms
  2. Online marketplaces
  3. Set up your ecommerce integration with Printful
Module 4: Set up payments and shipping
  1. How to set up payments with Printful
  2. How Printful's shipping works
  3. How to price your print-on-demand products
  4. Order product samples
Module 5: Promote yourself and get your first sales
  1. Optimize your website and store
  2. Start working on your social media presence
  3. Use word of mouth marketing
  4. Monitor your results and keep learning
  5. Congratulations!

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