How to build a brand

Learn how to grow your side hustle into a full-fledged brand—from researching your target audience, figuring out your brand values, and finding your brand personality, to creating your brand name and identity. Complete this course and earn 200 points you can exchange for perks!

How to build a brand
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In this course

Define what a brand is

Research your target audience

Identify your brand values

Find your brand personality

Create your brand name and identity

Course outline:

Module 1: What is a brand?
  1. Introduction
  2. What is a brand?
  3. What can you brand?
Module 2: Conduct market research
  1. Understand your target audience
  2. Study your competitors
  3. Find what sets you apart
Module 3: Identify your brand
  1. Define your brand values
  2. Create your brand drivers
  3. Figure out your brand personality
Module 4: Express your brand
  1. Create a brand name
  2. Write your brand story
  3. Refine your brand voice
  4. Create a visual identity for your brand
  5. Congratulations

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