Sell quality apparel on-demand

Let your apparel quality fuel customer retention

Get custom branding, intuitive tech solutions, and 24/7 customer support to grow your business

custom apparel

Only 0.26% of our orders are reshipped due to quality concerns

Our competitors’ reshipment rate is so high they won’t share it

Ensure customer satisfaction with our 3-step product quality check

step 1

Design file check

We assess the graphics and, if needed, optimize them to match your intended design

step 2

Print check

Our fulfillment specialists check the design quality during printing to eliminate errors as early as possible

step 3

Product check

We do the final apparel check before packaging and shipping out the order

Sell globally, we’ll produce locally

Part 1
You sell

You don’t need to buy inventory because your apparel will be made-to-order

Part 2
Your customers order

We automatically route the order to our closest fulfillment center for efficient shipping

Part 3
We fulfill the order

We print, quality check, and pack the order in 2–5 business days

Part 4
We ship the package

Your customer gets their order fast with trackable delivery services worldwide

We’ve done the product research so you don’t have to

Our goods meet the same quality standards regardless of the facility they’re shipped from

printed shirts
printing equipment
blue-pink shirt
customized shirt

Material and composition

Choose from an array of clothing materials like cotton, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and other options.

Print and ink test

To make sure you and your customers are happy with the print, we test our inks and printer settings to see which yields the best outcome for every product.

Size range

Your customers can choose from a wide selection of sizes, ranging from XS–3XL and even up to 5XL. We expand the scope of colors and styles yearly.

Wash and wear test

To guarantee your customers are happy with the garment even after multiple wears, we perform washout tests before each product launch.

Global facilities

Your customer orders are fulfilled in a location near them. This way, we optimize delivery times and limit CO2 emissions.

Be the brand customers love for their apparel quality

Businesses that trust Printful quality
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Industry-leading machinery for premium quality apparel

equipment partners

To bring the highest quality products to your customers, we’ve invested $83.7M in printing tech. Our fulfillment centers have Kornit, Mimaki, Epson, and MS series printers that we’ve fine-tuned for the most vibrant print results. We use Happy and Tajima sewing machines for embroidery, and Gravotech machines for engraving.


Expect fast and predictable fulfillment times

Within 2–5 business days, your order is shipped to the customer. Our fulfillment process is highly automated so we can minimize human error and optimize production time. Because of our vast production capacity, we can handle even the busiest holiday sales and provide unmatched quality services to your customers.

Have your customers boasting about the quality of your apparel

Don’t lose customers due to subpar quality

Check the wash test results for our competitors’ prints

fading black color print
cracked white color print
cracked colorful print
cracked ink on zipper

Subpar product quality

A lot of print-on-demand platforms use several outsourcing partners, so they can’t control the print quality, resulting in inconsistent outcomes and unsatisfied end customers.

Performing 3 wash tests

To see our competitor’s print quality before and after 3 washes, we tested tie-dye t-shirts, zip-up hoodies, acid wash t-shirts, and sweatshirts. All products were washed according to care instructions.

Faded and cracked prints

  • The products we tested came out faded after wash. It was especially visible for black prints.
  • For some of the garments we tested, the print was cracked and peeled off after washing.
  • For hoodies, the ink was printed on the zippers, which caused the ink to crack from zipper use.

Compare the wash test results of Printful prints

Other print-on-demand companies may promise you quality, but we actually deliver it

before and after wash

Consistent quality standards

We own fulfillment centers and are close with our partner facilities—it’s how we ensure all your products are premium no matter where they ship from. Other companies don’t own their production flows, so they can’t guarantee anything.

kornit printer

Industry-leading fulfillment tech

Your products will look superb because we use the best Kornit, Mimaki, and Epson series machines valued at over $83.8M. Other POD companies may use the same printers, but we’ve fine-tuned ours for maximum print color output.

Sell on the top ecommerce platforms or use our advanced API solution

and more
and more

Offer your products worldwide, make scaling easy

Sell to customers globally with 17 fulfillment locations spread across the world

A map of the world is shown that highlights where Printful fulfills your orders: Riga, Latvia; Barcelona, Spain; Birmingham, The United Kingdom; Partner facilities in Amakusa and Kashima, Japan; Partner facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Charlotte, North Carolina, Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, United States; Tijuana, Mexico, Partner facility in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Melbourne, Australia Partner facility Brisbane, Australia Partner facility Riga, Latvia Birmingham, UK Barcelona, Spain Los Angeles, CA Charlotte, NC Dallas, TX Toronto, Canada Tijuana, Mexico Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Partner facility Kashima, Japan Amakusa, Japan Partner facility Partner facility

Use our industry expertise as your competitive advantage

Have an industry leader as a partner

We own the majority of our fulfillment centers and have full control over product quality

Access vast resources for all fulfillment needs

Uncap your sales potential by benefiting from global manufacturing capacity, powerful machinery, and efficient fulfillment processes

Get the support you need

Printful is your one-stop shop with extras like design, photo, video, customer support, and custom packaging services

$130M investment takes Printful to unicorn status

This is one of the largest investments in our firm’s nine-year history. We invest only in companies we see as leaders in their respective industries, and that’s why we decided to invest in Printful—a front-runner in the apparel-on-demand industry.

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