Create custom inside labels

Design your own branded inside labels and find out what you need to include

Elevate your branding

Leave a lasting impression on shoppers by putting your brand on the inside label of your products.

Labels help your business stand out against competitors and add a personal touch to your products that customers won’t forget.

Here’s what you need to know about your inside labels

1. Where is the label printed, and how big is it?

We print inside labels on the inside of the garment, with a max area size of 3″ × 3″. It costs $2.49 per label, and you can use Printful’s free Design Maker to create them.

2. What info should I include in my inside label?

You’re legally required to have your garment’s specifications on your inside label. The image on the left is an example of a completed inside label.

For each product you make an inside label for, include the:

  • country of manufacturing origin
  • original garment size
  • material information of the garment


You can find the info above by checking your product’s Printful page listing.

Access ready-to-use label templates in the Design Maker

All that’s missing is your logo

Screenshot of the Design Maker to show where people can edit label templates

Here’s where you can find them

You’ll see all the label templates when designing a product by clicking on Inside label in the upper toolbar and then selecting Layers on the left sidebar.

All the label information (size, material, country of origin, etc.) adjusts automatically based on the ordered product variant, and you can’t make edits manually. You can only add your logo or design.

Get your design right on the first try

Keep in mind these inside label dos and don'ts

1. Follow the allotted print area

Make sure your graphics don’t exceed the maximum graphic size per your garment’s indicated size.

2. Use English in your inside label

Use English to ensure as many customers as possible can understand the information on your inside label.

3. Don’t use white ink on your inside label

Please don’t use white ink on white backgrounds for any inside label designs. This combination doesn’t print correctly and isn’t legible to customers.

4. Don’t include garment info in your actual designs

You’re not legally required to put garment specifications in your design, just on your inside label.

General guidelines


Make sure graphics do not exceed the maximum graphic size per the indicated garment size.


Submit all graphics at actual print size, in RGB color space, and at a minimum resolution of 150 DPI. Graphics should include transparent backgrounds.


All fonts in the print files should be converted to outlines so you don't have to send over the font files. Note: text should be at least 10 pt size for the information to be legible.

File format

Submit all files in PNG format.

Other inside label questions answered

Can I include extra information on my label?

Make sure your customers know how to take care of their new products in the best way possible by adding care instructions to your label.

You can find specific care instructions for your products by going to their Printful page listing and scrolling to the Description tab.

Or check out our Help Center to see care instructions for the products you’re selling.

What happens if I choose to not use an inside label?

If you choose to remove your custom inside label you’ll get a refund on the fee. To comply with the law, we’ll use the the original manufacturer’s label.

Why are cut & sew inside labels different from custom inside labels?

Cut & sewn products have a separate, sewn inside label. Unlike the custom inside label, cut & sew inside labels don’t legally require product specs.

Please note that design files for cut & sew inside labels must be submitted with a colored background.


Required inside label legal information

Find your products’ size, origin, and material info

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