How does Printful work?

The A–Z of starting your print-on-demand business with Printful

Part 1

Your online store

Connect your online store with Printful and add your products

Part 2

Anders from Sweden

Anders buys something on your store

Part 3

One of our fulfillment locations

Your order is automatically imported for fulfillment to our in-house or partner facility

Part 4

Your product

The finished product ships to Anders, all under your brand

That's Printful in a nutshell

Want to know more?

print-on-demand drop shipping

Print-on-demand drop shipping

Sell your designs on the products we offer. We'll print, pack, and ship everything on-demand—you only pay when an order comes in.


Warehousing & Fulfillment

Store your inventory at our warehouses. When you get an order, we'll ship it out to the customer for you by the end of next business day.