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Create your own custom leggings

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Outshine competitors with your own authentic activewear designs

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Start your business on a budget by selling print-on-demand leggings

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Your custom leggings will be delivered to United States from February 6 to 9

Change the activewear game with custom leggings

The only leggings you’ll ever need

Design one-of-a-kind leggings

Make going to the gym fun by treating yourself to a pair of leggings like no other

Exercise in comfort

Whether it’s yoga, running, or lounging at home, these leggings will bring new meaning to the word comfort

Create matching sets or stand-alone designs

Upsell other activewear items with similar designs or focus on a leggings-only collection

Keep them coming back for more

Turn casual shoppers into loyal customers with leggings too good for a one-time purchase

Design custom leggings for everyone

A glimpse into your next best seller

How to make custom leggings

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Pick a pair of leggings

Choose a model and size

Part 2
Customize the leggings

Upload your design or create a new one with our Design Maker

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Place your order

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. . . Or sell leggings online

Add them to your store and we’ll take care of the rest

Start selling custom leggings online or design a pair for your own wardrobe

Create loungewear designs with our Design Maker

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Free design assets

Dream big and create sleek designs for free using our:

  • Clipart
  • Quick Designs
  • Text Tool
  • Background graphics
  • And more
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Built-in Pattern Tool

Create a statement piece by covering your custom leggings with funky patterns.

Use Design Maker's Pattern Tool to generate limitless patterns from any clipart, photo, or other design elements.

Design custom leggings in just minutes

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