SPOD vs. Printful print-on-demand comparison

SPOD vs. Printful

Discover what makes these print-on-demand services different and choose the best fit for your business

Level up your online store with Printful

Local production with a global network

86% of orders are delivered in the same region they’re fulfilled

Consistent and reliable quality control

Identical 3-step quality testing across all facilities worldwide

345 custom products under one roof

Diverse range of products and techniques for your online business

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Sell on the world’s most popular platforms

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Sell the same products as world-class brands

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Comparing both print providers

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What is Printful?

Printful is a print-on-demand service that lets you design products from scratch, get them made using 5 customization techniques, and sell them worldwide on various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. 

Printful offers all the tools, platforms, and opportunities for your business to grow.

You get full control over your business—every market at any time with 24 platforms, including Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Printful automatically routes your orders to one of their fulfillment centers around the world, so you can reach customers without exponentially rising shipping costs.

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What is SPOD?

SPOD is a print-on-demand service that offers product printing for your designs in one of two markets: Europe or the US.

SPOD offers a foundational level of tools and features for print-on-demand businesses.

The company is a print provider for sellers who only operate in one market and use a specific platform. As print-on-demand sellers grow and expand to other markets and platforms, SPOD may struggle to provide platform options or keep shipping costs low in new markets.

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What’s the main difference?

Both companies allow you to sell custom products without having to deal with printing, equipment, shipping, or inventory management.

The main difference between the two print providers is their range of selling and customization options.

Printful operates worldwide and has built-in connections with 24 platforms. In contrast, SPOD connects to most platforms through a paid third party and requires you to pick between Europe and US fulfillment before you start selling.

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Go all in with Printful and get:

  • Dependable quality and pricing in all markets and categories
  • Easier order management and consistent shipping costs
  • Better customer experience for multi-item orders
  • Streamlined branded labels and customizable packaging

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