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Printful vs. Spring

Find out which product fulfillment company is best for your business

Note: The company Spring was previously known as Teespring and has since rebranded

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Choosing print-on-demand

Print-on-demand (or POD for short) is the sweet spot of ecommerce fulfillment.

Get all of the credit and profit without the trouble of: 

  • Juggling different suppliers and fulfillment locations
  • Spending money on equipment and production employees
  • Doing the actual work of printing, packing, and shipping

Companies like Printful and Spring (previously Teespring) do all of these and more.

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Evaluating store options

When starting an online business, you should carefully research potential ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to host your store. Look into pricing details, features, policies, service quality, and customer reviews.

After finding the best ecommerce solution for your company, compare Printful integrations and Spring integrations to see if you can connect your store to the POD supplier.

Get familiar with the POD companies and learn what’s what

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What is Printful?

Printful is a print-on-demand company, providing ecommerce stores with product customization, order and inventory management, as well as non-Printful product fulfillment.

Printful offers creative services and technical solutions as well, such as:

  • Professional photo and video services
  • User-friendly tools for marketplace SEO, marketing campaigns, and product visuals
  • Additional product branding with labels, pack-ins, and more
  • Thousands of free design assets for your products

Printful integrates with the world’s top ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, and is known for its unrivaled print quality.

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What is Spring?

Spring (previously named Teespring) is a print-on-demand supplier that specializes in social commerce and merch services for creators. Their biggest emphasis is on t-shirt printing but they offer other product personalization as well.

Spring products can be added to your website, or you can sell merch on their marketplace platform directly.

Perks of ordering personalized stuff for yourself

Our products are for you, just as much as for your business


Treat yourself to quality products

Embellish your life head to toe with a diverse range of customizable, high-quality products. Check out our t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases, canvas prints, mugs, and so much more.

Enjoy limitless shopping

No need to order tens or hundreds of t-shirts due to screen printing limits. With direct-to-garment printing (DTG) and on-demand fulfillment, you can order the exact amount you need without minimums, be it 1 or 100 products.

Save money on large orders

Preparing a hefty order for an event? Purchase at least 25 items of the same base product and get up to 30% off the total price. Feel free to mix product sizes and colors.