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fashionable bum bag

Personalised bum bags for travel, festivals, and more

Make a one-of-a-kind bum bag with your unique design

Order for yourself or sell customised bum bag online under your brand

We ship to the UK and worldwide with no order minimums from our facilities in North America and Europe

Create your own fashionable bum bag

Water-resistant fabric

Made to protect your on-the-go essentials

Individually hand-sewn

Crafted with care from seam to seam

Customisable inner pocket design

Extra space for your bum bag design ideas

How to create a custom bum bag

Part 1
Pick a size

Choose a bum bag in S/M or M/L

Part 2
Add your bum bag design

Customize your bum bag with a cool design

Part 3
All good!

Order the bum bag for yourself or start selling it online

Get the bum bag you want by following our guidelines

Use full-bleed designs

Use full-bleed designs

Make sure your bum bag design covers the entire print area. This guarantees your bum bag won't have any blank spaces.


Remove print file template guidelines

Remove print file template guidelines

When using our bum bag template, delete the guideline layers. Otherwise, they’ll get printed on the fabric.

Give bum bag patterns a try

Give bum bag patterns a try

Create a stylish bum bag using the pattern feature in our Design Maker.

Our customer designs to get you inspired

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No order minimums

Order one bum bag for yourself or sell them online with no expensive inventory

Worldwide shipping

Have your custom bum bag delivered anywhere in the world from one of our fulfilment centres in the US and Europe

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Started a business with zero capital in my spare time

Printful allowed me to start a business with zero capital in my spare time. It was easy to set up and Printful do all the hard work for me. All I have to do is supply the ideas and the traffic, then everything else is taken care of.

Dominic, store owner

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