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The keys to success: Printful Growth and Printful Business

Lower product prices and more perks

Printful Growth

Reach $12K over the last 12 months or pay a monthly fee of $24.99

FREE 14-day trial

Up to 20% off DTG products

Up to 30% off other categories

Product branding discounts of 7%

Free digitization for sample orders

Personalized product transfer assistance

Unlimited stores per account

Printful Business

Upgrade from Printful Growth by reaching $60K+ over the last 12 months

Up to 22% off DTG products

Up to 33% off other categories

Product branding discounts of 9%

Sample order discounts increased to 25%

Free digitization for all embroidered products

Large front print for select products

Personalized product transfer assistance

Priority support

Unlimited stores per account

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Develop a strategy to make the most of your benefits:

  • Lower your prices to sell more
  • Launch new products like embroidery and all-over print items
  • Simplify operations by using Printful as your only partner
  • Invest in design and marketing
  • . . . use the rest of your profit on that dream vacation!

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Since the launch of this program, hundreds of our customers with a Growth membership have increased their sales by 25–100% or more—join them now!

Want to benefit from the Growth membership today but haven’t reached that size yet? Get your FREE 14-day trial, followed by just $24.99/month. The Printful Growth membership can pay for itself with as few as 4 orders a month.

The cherry on top? Once you reach $12K in yearly sales, your membership will be free for a year!

Enjoy lower prices to drive higher profit and growth

Reach success with a long-term partner

As your business partner, we want you to succeed in the long run.

A Printful membership guarantees the best value in the industry, letting you accelerate your growth. Get fixed low prices that you can plan on to build up your future.

If you don’t fulfill your entire catalog with us, you can simplify your business and qualify for a free membership faster by transferring all your products to Printful

Being a member means getting the kind of treatment we give the biggest brands out there. Get one step closer to becoming one of them.

Make the most of Printful

The value you get is more than discounts.

Throughout this year, we’ve launched several highly-requested features for all our customers. You can now design multiple products at once, and bundle your product templates into collections

We’ve also rolled out innovative design techniques to help your store stand out. Direct-to-film printing has expanded the product range you can offer, and unlimited color embroidery uses the first machine of its kind to let you use different colors and gradients.

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