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Printful Design Services

We offer a wide range of services
that will help get your online store off the ground

In addition to preparing printfiles for Printful, we can also help you with any other design needs. Whether it's for other print platforms like Teespring, Society6, or a Kickstarter campaign, we can help you out.

Teespring Society6 Kickstarter

Creating print ready files

We'll create the perfect print files to use in Printful, for any of our existing products. That includes t-shirts, mugs, posters, totes, canvas prints and more.

· Sublimation
· DTG printing
- Removing backgrounds
- Color matching

Adjusting your files

Minor touch ups to your existing file to make it just right.

· Resizing
· Patching/ Airbrushing
· Adding text

Color matching existing print files

Not seeing consistent results between what's on your computer screen and the end product? Our designers will help you color match your mockup and print files so you get exactly what you see on your screen.

Redesigning existing logos

An entirely new logo for your brand.

· Up to 3 sketches
· Provided in vectors
· Can be used as the free branding sticker on Printful packages

Creating new graphics

· 3 Sketches
· 1 Revision
· 1 Final graphic

Additional sketches - 10% of set price *
Additional revisions - 20% of set price *

Artistic work

Our in-house artists can provide you with unique art, which can be digitized to be included in your design.

· Watercolor
· Ink
· Digital
· Graphite

* Revisions should not exceed more than 20% in charges from the final, at our discretion.

Examples of our work

I've now used Printful Design Services for several projects now. I keep coming back because of several reasons. One they have excellent customer service. When I put in a request I get a response in a timely fashion. They state clear intentions on how they can help create my drawing into something I want. If I want to make changes within reason they are willing to do so without worrying about how they can charge me for it. I will continue to use their design services for as long as I need. If you are a small business and have limited resources this is an excellent starting point.

Kenn Korecky, KORE clothing

What to prepare in advance

Be prepared to make the most of your time:

  • Reference photos
      if you have images that you may want to be drawn in that exact way

  • Inspirational photos
      designs that are similar to what you want

  • High resolution photos
      if they're a part of design

  • Rough sketches for layout purposes
      they don't need to be professional, they just need to get the point across

  • Color swatches
      if the design calls for a particular color profile

Services from a distance:

  • Can't make it to the Printful HQ in person? No problem - we can schedule a Skype call or send over a video recording of the design process

Printful Design Services


Printful will not take responsibility and is not liable for graphics resulting in a cease and desist order.
Printful assumes that all content provided by its clients is original and/or is copyrighted by the client.

In-house designers


Rather than just pushing a pencil around on paper (or stylus on a tablet), I like to think holistically about every project i tackle. I do my research, I ask and answer all of the questions I have about the particular subject. I pay close attention to detail, but also know when to keep it simple.


I am a designer focusing on the beautiful marriage of photography, design, and fine art. I draw my inspiration from color, shape, line, texture, value, form, space, and my dogs :)


I am a graphic designer and illustrator with a degree in fashion design, and I’ve worked on a variety of projects, from designing logos to illustrating books. I like to create minimalistic, clean and simple designs. I believe that powerful design speaks to you through its simplicity, and its power is revealed through the effect it has on the viewer, rather than its “prettiness”.


I see illustration and design work as a practice in critical thinking and problem solving as much as artistic communication or expression. I draw much of my inspiration from comics, cartoons, and movie posters. My strengths are centered around color, composition, and linework. For each project, I take every step possible to ensure I have a comprehensive understanding of the core concept and apply it to every step of the process.

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