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Earn 10% for every order

Earn commission for 9 months after your referred customer's first order

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You earn for 9 months from the time your referred customer begins using Printful

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Earn 10% commission for every order

When you become a Printful affiliate, you:

  • are free to work when and from wherever you want;
  • won’t be controlled, supervised or instructed by us;
  • will get paid only for work done;
  • will receive commissions for each unique customer for 9 months;
  • will have to pay your own business expenses;
  • are free to have as many other clients as you like.

Minimum withdrawal sum is $25. Also, you'll be credited your commission after orders are fully completed - all shipments have been sent out. Commission is calculated after any refunds if any refund is given to orders. Also you don't get a commission for sample orders.

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