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Custom eco-friendly t-shirts

Become more sustainable with eco-friendly clothing

T-shirts made of at least 70% organic or recycled materials, or a combination of both

On-demand manufacturing that helps reduce overproduction

Efficient shipping—81% of Printful orders are delivered in the same region they’re fulfilled

Estimated delivery

You get your custom eco-friendly t-shirt to United States from July 31 to August 5


We customize your chosen t-shirt with prints or embroidery and check that the final result is up to our quality standards


We pack and send out your personalized t-shirt, so you can get it at your doorstep almost anywhere in the world

A step closer to sustainable and responsible fashion

Become a part of the eco-friendly movement one t-shirt at a time

Eco friendly brands
Organic cotton tshirts
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Eco friendly t-shirt embroidery

Choose earth-friendly clothing brands

Our partners Stanley/Stella, Econscious, and District produce clothing from organic or recycled materials, or a mix of both

Sell t-shirts made with care

We use Oeko-Tex™ certified inks and embroidery threads, which means they’re safe for children’s clothing and reduce environmental waste

Offer recycled packaging

Our in-house facilities use packaging made of at least 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and we’re gradually switching to 90%–100% PCR plastic packaging for all apparel orders

Share the message with others

Choose sustainable clothing options for themed merch to spread the word about environmental issues

How to make eco-friendly clothing

Part 1

Pick the t-shirt you like the most

Choose your favorite style and color

Part 2

Add your print or embroidery design

Create a design that shows your message the best

Part 3

Order your new t-shirt

Buy your new t-shirt or put it on your online store for sale

Choose a t-shirt and add your design

Explore other products from our eco-friendly collection

Buy better, use longer

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Got all you need? Start selling eco-friendly t-shirts

Create a design for your eco-friendly t-shirt with no hassle

printful design tool

Easy-to-use design tools

Create custom designs easily with our Design Maker: 

  • 50+ clipart collections for any taste or occasion
  • Customizable ready-made designs
  • Text Tool with 250+ fonts
  • 230+ background colors and graphics
  • Pattern Tool that creates a pattern from any design element
printful mockups

Lifelike mockups

See what your masterpiece will look like before it gets printed with true-to-life mockups

Start your store with Printful

Easy-to-use integrations

Connect your online shop to Printful with our ecommerce integrations

Friendly support

Got more questions about our sustainability practices? Our customer support team is here to help

Worldwide shipping

Move fulfillment closer to your customers: stock your store with products fulfilled in your core markets. Doing so prevents greenhouse emissions created by transporting products across the world.


Start a business in your spare time with zero capital

Printful allowed me to start a business with zero capital in my spare time. It was easy to set up and Printful do all the hard work for me. All I have to do is supply the ideas and the traffic, then everything else is taken care of.



Design and sell eco-friendly t-shirts with Printful

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