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Printful Sponsorships

Sharing knowledge and strengthening our communities

What we’re passionate about

Printful goes beyond financial aid to connect with our community and provide meaningful help

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We want to support causes that match our mission to help people follow their passion and turn ideas into brands and products. When selecting partners for a sponsorship, we’re mindful of our time, resources, and company goals.

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Types of support

For projects we deem aligned with our mission and goals, we may provide:

  • Knowledge-sharing at various events or lectures
  • Discounted merchandise
  • Project-based mentorship opportunities

Areas of support

Printful is focused on teaching the skills needed to launch an online business or succeed in a technology-driven workplace


Focusing on ecommerce, entrepreneurship, IT & tech skills, and career mentorship

Tech industry events

Partnering with meetups, conferences, educational workshops, and tradeshows

Diversity, equity, and inclusivity

Providing support for campaigns, events, and initiatives focused on entrepreneurial skills

Projects we support

Organizations and projects that we’ve partnered up with

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LGBTQ+ community

Printful works closely with Mozaīka, a non-governmental organization that supports the LGBTQ+ community in Latvia. We’ve been powering their Diversity shop since 2021, which helps financially support their projects and goals.

In 2023, Printul’s investor, Bregal Sagemount, along with the COFRA Foundation, pledged $80,000 to LGBT House Riga (managed by Mozaīka). Both contributing organizations are a part of Bregal Investments—an international private equity firm

focused on long-term sustainable value creation.

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Junior Achievement

This organization aims to create a new generation of entrepreneurs by providing youth with an education that advances their business skills. We support their Technology & Innovation program through event sponsorship as well as mentoring and guest lectures.

Printful sponsoring partnerships

Store discounts

Similar to the Diversity shop, we’ve provided long-term fulfillment discounts to the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, and the Delfi store.

We believe in empowering our sponsorship partners with tools to cut expenses and gain extra income that they can reinvest in their projects.

Dod pieci charity marathon

Dod pieci!

Every December, Printful participates in the annual Dod pieci! charity marathon to help raise funds and awareness for a different cause every year.

Last year, our donation helped Ukrainian children who’d fled the war with their families and found safety in Latvia. The funds donated during the marathon covered basic necessities like school supplies and computers, health care and psychological support, winter shoes, clothing, and other essential items.

Application form for Printful sponsorships is temporarily closed

We’ve selected our partners for 2023 and don’t seek new sponsorship opportunities in the near future. You can apply for support once the next planning period comes around. In the meantime, follow our updates and learn more about the exciting and impactful projects we’re currently working on.