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Carefully crafted from stitch to stitch

Enjoy vibrant thread colours and a carefully stitched design results on each product you create

Carefully crafted from stitch to stitch

Enjoy vibrant thread colours and a carefully stitched design results on each product you create

Get embroidered workwear or uniform

Outshine your competition and get fashionable embroidered shirts for your company or team event

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How to create embroidered shirts

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Solid shapes for perfect lines

Using solid shapes and colour blocks in your embroidery design will get you clean and crisp results. Avoid gradients, fade effects, small details, and unnecessary background colour to ensure your design comes out neat.

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Vibrant colours

Pick from 15 vibrant colours and combine up to 6 in your designs. From pure gold to royal blue, and delicious kiwi green—choose well and bring out the vibrancy of your work.

Embroidery digitization

Countless free design resources

Use our intuitive Design Maker and explore our editable free design resources to create original and fresh embroidery designs. Follow our embroidery file guidelines here or on the product catalogue page under the File guidelines of your chosen shirt.

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3D product design view

Preview your embroidery design using true-to-life mockups in our Design Maker. This way you’ll see how your design will be threaded and if your work needs any adjustments before it’s fine to digitise.

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