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Creating the perfect embroidery file

Learn about the most common issues with embroidery files and how to avoid them

Embroidery 101: Learn the basics

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1. Flat embroidery

A technique where stitches are embroidered flat on the surface.

2. Thread colors

All the available colors.

3. Tatami fill

Rows of run stitches. Used to fill large areas.

4. 3D Puff embroidery

A technique where the embroidery is raised. Used mostly for big shapes.

5. Satin stitch outline

A long, straight embroidery stitch. Used to outline an object or to cap a 3D Puff design.

6. Run stitch

A single line stitch. Used for small design details.

What to keep in mind

Part 1

Follow the guidelines

Follow the embroidery guidelines to a tee to avoid issues with your designs. You can find detailed guidelines for each embroidery product on its product catalog page under the File guidelines tab.

Part 2

Use embroidery templates

When editing embroidery files, work within the actual embroidery area dimensions. Our embroidery file templates will ensure that designs stay within the maximum permitted area.

What is digitization?

Digitization is a process that converts your design file to a format that supports embroidery. Each embroidery type requires a separate digitized file. You can re-use your digitized files for future orders of the same embroidery type. Learn more about digitization fees here.

The most common issues with standard embroidery
The most common issues with unlimited color embroidery

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What you get

Free file adjustments

If your design file won’t be up to our quality standards, we’ll send you an updated version that you’ll be able to approve with one click.

Realistic Mockup Preview

See how your design, threads, and colors will look in real life using our Design Maker Mockup Preview.

Free digitization for bulk orders

Order 25+ embroidery products and we will digitize all your files for free.

A few more important facts

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Stitches and designs

Our digitizers decide on the types of stitches that will be the best for each design. Make sure to follow the guidelines because ultimately the type of stitch used will depend on your graphic.

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Similar graphic, different result

Note that if you upload a new graphic that is visually similar to a design that you’d already uploaded earlier, the new graphic may not be digitized the same way as it was the first time! This is because we have multiple digitizers who manually process the files, and each of them could digitize the graphic differently.

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Adjustment fees

The stitch density and direction differ in hat and apparel embroidery. If you want to use hat files for shirts or vice versa, they need to be adjusted for $2.95 per file. 3D puff isn't available on apparel, so any previously digitized 3D puff hat files you have, need to be digitized from scratch for apparel.

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Embroidery backing

Embroidery backing is an extra layer of fabric that’s placed on the inside of a product and embroidered along with the design.
Backing is commonly used for embroidery designs because it stabilizes the stitching and supports the embroidery. This ensures your designs look good and last a long time.

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Ready-made designs

Don’t want to create your own embroidery file? Browse our Design Maker and choose between 3,000+ clipart graphics and pre-made Quick Designs.

Explore the most popular embroidery placement options

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