Product Marketing 101

You might have the greatest product, but if no one knows about it, you won’t make any sales. Take the first steps in learning to market your print-on-demand products with our course!

Product Marketing 101
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In this course

What is product marketing

Learn to find your target audience

Set SMART goals for your product marketing strategy

Create product descriptions, emails, and marketing content

Collect and use product reviews in your marketing

Work with influencers and leverage user-generated content

Course outline:

Module 1: What is Product Marketing?
  1. Product marketing vs traditional marketing
Module 2: Research your competitors and audience
  1. Research your competitors’ marketing strategies
  2. Define your product’s target audience
  3. Refine your brand story
  4. Price your product
Module 3: Prepare your website
  1. Set SMART goals for your product launch
  2. Write product titles and descriptions
  3. Capture product photos
  4. Collect product reviews
  5. Add your branding to your Printful products and orders
Module 4: Prepare for your product launch
  1. Create social media content
  2. Prepare marketing emails
  3. Collaborate with others to promote your product
  4. Learn about product advertising
Module 5: Monitor your product marketing efforts
  1. Congratulations!
  2. Revisit your SMART goals

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