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How wall art printing works

Posters and canvases

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  1. Printing

    We print your design on premium-grade wall art paper and let it dry, allowing the ink to meld seamlessly with the paper

  2. Cutting

    To guarantee a polished, professional finish, the artwork is precision-cut to size

  3. Result

    Your wall art is now ready, displaying a sharp and detailed design

How to prepare your poster and canvas files

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Follow the file guidelines

Always check the file guidelines and tips for each product you design. Make it a regular part of your design process. Most wall art items have similar requirements but different template sizes.

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Cover the entire print area

To ensure the best possible outcome, use full-bleed images with graphics that cover the entire document.

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Save files in PNG or JPEG format

Opt for PNG if there’s transparency or detailed graphics in your design. Use JPEG for simpler graphics to keep file sizes small without losing image quality.

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Create files in the sRGB color profile

The sRGB color profile ensures your design looks the same when printed as it does on the screen, so make sure you select it when saving your files.

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Use 300 dots per inch (DPI)

Although the minimum accepted DPI for paper products is 75, we strongly recommend the files be at 300 DPI to ensure they are of the highest quality.

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Upload images in the correct orientation

Images can be horizontally or vertically oriented. When creating a product, upload your print file in the desired orientation.

Avoid common poster and canvas design file issues

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