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How all-over printing works

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Sublimation printing

Your design is printed on sublimation paper which is then combined with a roll of fabric using a heat press.

Fabric cutting

We cut the fabric into multiple sections—front, back, sleeves, and other relevant parts ​​using specialized fabric-cutting tools.

Sewing it together

Our in-house expert team then sews your product together using industry-leading sewing machines.

What all-over printing brings to your product range

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All-over printing (AOP) is suited for light-colored fabrics that are either 100% polyester, polymer-coated, or polyester blends. We’re using white fabric to ensure the best possible design outcome. You’ll find a wide range of products in our catalog that you customize with AOP, like:

  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Leggings
  • Bags
  • Home decor items
  • . . . and so much more!

With AOP, you can create large prints and stunning patterns covering the entire product with your design.

How to prepare AOP files that look good when printed

full bleed image

Use full-bleed images

Use graphics that can fill the design template to cover the entire product. If your design covers only a part of the print area, create a transparent background and save it as a PNG file so that the print area without the design doesn’t get printed white.

image with and without background

Save design files in PNG or JPEG

Submit files in PNG or JPEG formats. If you want your design to have a transparent background, then PNG is your best choice. This way, you can select any print area background color in the Design Maker. If you want your design to cover the whole product material, use JPEG.

image with safe zone lines

Stay in the safe zone

Keep all the important graphics or texts within the safe print area to avoid missing design elements on the finished product. That will also prevent the design elements from being sewn into the seams.

pattern creation in design maker

Create patterns

Use our Design Maker’s Pattern Tool to create stunning all-over print designs for products in just a few clicks. You can easily fill in the background with one of our graphics.

Master the art of all-over print designs

Here’s everything you need to know to get started with AOP designs

Common design file issues and how to solve them

Avoid adjacent colors

Adjacent colors, a.k.a. analogous colors, are hues placed next to each other on the color wheel. On products that are made of thicker fabrics, like backpacks, fanny packs, and bean bags, designs tend to look darker when printed. Colors that are too close to each other can end up blending together. Instead, increase the contrast for better exposure.

Create files in the sRGB color profile

To make sure your design looks the same when printed as it does on screen, save your print file in the sRGB color profile.

Cover the entire print area

During the sublimation process, graphics may shift up to 2 inches when printed. Because of this, we don’t recommend using designs that require precise placement for ready-made products, such as towels and blankets. Use full-bleed images and pay attention to the safe print area.

Use cut & sew products for a precise design placement

Cut & sew products are sewn together after the sublimation of the design on the fabric, providing a precise design placement for our apparel products, pillows, and bags. We don’t guarantee perfect design alignment over the seams. Opt for more abstract designs to avoid misalignment.

Remove print file template guidelines

If you use our downloadable templates (which you can find in the File guidelines tab under your chosen product) delete the guide layers before saving your files. If you leave the print guidelines in your design file, they’ll show in your product’s design.

Select the right stitch color

Before you order or add your product to your store, select a stitch color that best matches your design. You can select a white or black stitch in the Design Maker. We suggest selecting white stitch if your design has light or pastel colors. Or, choose black stitch if your design has dark elements. For AOP bags, you can choose a clear or black stitch.

Follow the guidelines

Always check the file guidelines and tips for each product you decide to design. Make it a regular part of your design process. Most AOP items have similar requirements but different template sizes.

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Test your design by ordering a sample with 20% off

To see what your final product will look like before you offer it to your customers, we strongly suggest placing a sample order. That way, you can hold the item in your hands, inspect the quality, and see if the outcome matches your expectations. Plus, you can get sample orders with a 20% discount.

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