A t-shirt with leaf-shaped embroidery that was created via Printful embroidery digitizing service

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A smiling woman is showing an example of a hoodie and a jeans jacket that can be embroidered

Evergrowing product collection

Put your embroidery designs on 158 products, including apparel, hats, and other items. Spice up your own wardrobe or add embroidered products to your online store and reach customers worldwide.

An example of digitized design of red fox label embroidery

Embroidery digitizing

Printful’s digitizing services take care of your embroidery files for you—we digitize your designs so our embroidery machines can recognize it. There’s a one-time fee for each new design, but if you order any 25+ embroidery products in a single order, we’ll digitize all your embroidery designs for free.

A man is wearing an example of a custom embroidered hoodie. An example of a black cap with embroidered word 'Awesome'

True-to-life previews

See how your product will turn out before placing an order. Check your thread technique, design placement, and colors using our Design Maker’s Mockup Preview. It’s a great way to see if your work needs any adjustments before submitting it for fulfillment.

A built-in tool that helps to create custom embroidery with examples of shapes of star, leaf, guitar, and lightning 

Everything you need in one place

Use the built-in tools and free design resources in the Design Maker to customize your products with ease. Or, if you have an idea but want someone else to bring it to life, reach out to our talented in-house designers.

A laptop screen with information that order of embroidered item is being fulfilled

Complete automation

Forget about manually going through your orders—just set up your store and have your orders fulfilled and shipped automatically. Watch our video on Printful order fulfillment to find out what it means, how long it takes, what Printful fulfillment statuses mean, and more.

What to keep in mind

Part 1
Follow the guidelines

Read our embroidery guidelines on how to create embroidery designs correctly

Part 2
Use embroidery templates

Use our templates to ensure that designs stay within the permitted area

Part 3
Order samples

Test your designs before selling by ordering samples with a 20% discount

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