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Custom embroidered patches

Create your own one-of-a-kind accessory or start selling online

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Personalize a patch with your own design

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Create personalized embroidered patches

Multiple attachment options

Decide which method is most suitable for you—iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin

No order minimums

Buy custom embroidered patches with no minimum order volume and forget stressing about inventory

Durable material

Make sustainable choices by choosing accessories that look good, last long, and can add a new breath to old clothes

Little details, big impact

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Customize outfits for your community or team

Establish a strong sense of identity with an embroidered patch that reflects who you are and the ideas that you or your community stand for.

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Raise brand awareness

Put your company’s logo on embroidered patches. Place them on the clothes and accessories that you sell or even add one to your employees’ uniforms! Make your business look more professional and get your brand name out there.

patches on jeans

Bring old clothes back to life

Contribute to sustainability and encourage your customers to give their worn-out clothes a second life—repair holes in favorite jeans or hoodie by simply ironing on an embroidered patch.

Start from scratch and create your own patch

Part 1
Choose your thread colors

Select the option that fits your brand’s style the best

Part 2
Add your design

Customize the embroidered patch with your logo or a design

Part 3
All good!

Get the patches shipped anywhere in the world

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Your guide to designing the perfect embroidered patch

Choose simple shapes on an embroidered patch

Use simple shapes with thick lines

Make sure your design complies with these rules:

  • Minimum thickness for shapes: 0.05″ (1.3 mm)
  • Text, logo, or simple graphic designs only
  • Don’t include photographic images, gradients, fade or blend effects as they can’t be embroidered

Follow our embroidery guidelines for additional information 

Use the Design Maker's built-in tools

Use the Design Maker’s built-in tools

The Design Maker is here to make your life easier. Here you can add:

  • Stunning texts in different fonts, sizes, and colors
  • More than 3000 cliparts over 50 collections
  • Quick Designs with meaningful messaging 


Find out more about the Design Maker

Get your design digitized

Have your file prepped for embroidery

When it comes to embroidery, all files need to be digitized to a format the embroidery machines support. This is a one-time fee for each new design, after which you can re-use your design file as often as you like. 

The fee depends on the type and placement of the design:

  • Standard digitization fee for most designs: $6.50 (€5.75) per file
  • Designs created in our Design Maker’s text tool: $3.95 (€3.70) per file
  • Adjustment fee for a digitized file: $2.95 (€2.50) per file


If you make an order of 25+ embroidered items, the digitization is free! 

Go beyond custom embroidered patches

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