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dtg printed hoodie and t shirt

DTG printing

With DTG printing, your design is printed directly onto the garment. You can customize clothing, like t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts with all sorts of colored prints. DTG printing is perfect for designs including:

  • photos
  • intricate details
  • lots of colors


Follow these DTG file guidelines to create perfect products: 

all-over printing hats and sweatshirt

All-over printing

All-over prints mean your design covers the product seam-to-seam. We start by printing your design on a large roll of fabric, then we cut and sew the material into a product. Use this technique for:

  • patterns
  • large-scale designs
sublimated mugs and socks


Much like with all-over printing, sublimation means your design covers all of the product. Your design is printed on a ready-made product, like a mug or a phone case. Designs that look best on sublimated products:

  • patterns
  • large-scale designs
embroidered denim jacket and sweatshirt


Your design is embroidered with colored threads onto a garment or an accessory. Use this customization technique to give your design some texture. This is a guideline on how to create the perfect embroidery file. Ideas for the perfect embroidery design:

  • text designs
  • bold logos
  • thick lines
Direct-to-film technique


You can use direct-to-film (DTF) prints on fabrics that can’t be customized with DTG prints. These fabrics include fleece, nylon, and other fabric blends. Use this technique for your most complex designs and create sharp and striking results for designs that include:

  • photos
  • intricate graphics
  • fine art
  • small texts

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