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Bulk t-shirt printing for you and your business

Place a bulk t-shirt order and save up to 32%

Save money on product and shipping prices by ordering custom shirts in bulk

Order t-shirts in bulk to prepare for business, team, or family events

Calculate your exact bulk discount even before checkout

Estimated delivery of your bulk t-shirt order to United States is from June 17 to 17

Our average shipping time is 4 business days depending on the destination

How to order t-shirts in bulk

Part 1
Pick a shirt model

Choose a t-shirt you want to design

Part 2
Add a design

Add as many different designs as you want

Part 3
Place your bulk order

Place your order and receive bulk custom t-shirts anywhere in the world

Choose your t-shirt category

Order t-shirts in bulk for everyone


Create your own design in just minutes

Pick a shirt model and start designing

Order t-shirts in bulk and save money

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Streamline bulk orders with MerchShare

Gathering sizing and other preferences takes a lot of time. Simplify your group orders with MerchShare. Design once, share the template, and let each person pick their size, style, and order destination.

T-shirt designs that are just too cute not to order in bulk

man wearing a t-shirt with I'mperfect printed on the front
woman with curly hair wearing custom-printed t-shirt
man sporting a t-shirt with a king of spades print
three people wearing custom-made t-shirts

woman wearing custom tee
a man wearing blue t-shirt with a vivid print
baby wearing custom tee
girl wearing a t-shirt with a smiley face on the front

Design custom wholesale t-shirts and order in bulk

wholesale custom t shirts
design placement on a t-shirt
bulk t shirts in flatlay
bulk t shirts in different colors

Save money on your order

Order shirts in bulk and get up to 32% off. The bigger the order, the greater the discount.

Enjoy free embroidery digitization

Ordering embroidered custom shirts in bulk? Order 25+ products and we’ll cover the digitization fee.

Use different t-shirt sizes, designs, and colors

Just because you’re ordering the same t-shirt model doesn’t mean they have to be identical. Feel free to mix sizes, colors, and even designs.

Get a good shipping deal

When ordering in bulk, you’re saving on more than just the product price. Same as bulk order discounts, the more shirts you order, the bigger your shipping discount.

Designing t-shirts has never been easier

Intuitive built-in tools for both beginners and pros

woman with shirt design maker tool

Build designs with free graphics

Don’t have a t-shirt design file yet? Not a problem. Create something new with our free library of designs:

  • Ready-for-print clipart
  • Background Removal Tool
  • Customizable Quick Designs
  • Pre-made background graphics
  • Thousands of fonts for text designs

If you already have your design file, upload it and make tweaks on the spot.

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