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What is Warehousing & Fulfillment?

With Warehousing & Fulfillment, you can store products sold at your ecommerce store at our warehouse, and we’ll fulfill your orders and ship the products directly to your customers under your own brand.
Is Warehousing & Fulfillment for you? See if any of the below apply!

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Do you:

  • have an ecommerce store with an expanding product line, but don't want to handle order fulfillment?
  • sell both Printful and non-Printful products and would like them to be shipped together whenever possible?
  • Or maybe you want to free up some space and leave the hassle of packing and shipping products by yourself in the past?

Printful's warehouse & fulfillment feature allows me to concentrate on the parts of my business that I enjoy the most - designing, marketing and riding motorcycles!


With Printful's Warehousing & Fulfillment service, we don't have to hold any inventory or ship orders. This service allows us to focus on growing our business instead of shipping out orders.

Jennifer Biestman, LOCALISH

Printful is great for us - we have a small product line in addition to print-on-demand posters. With the warehousing service, a customer can order a poster, or a product from our inventory, and Printful can do fulfillment for the whole order.


How it works

Send us products

Send us your products

You submit the products you'd like to store with us for approval. After we've approved them, you can send the shipment to us.

We stock them

We stock them

We receive your shipment and stock your products in our warehouse. You can sync them with your store and start selling.

We ship them

We ship them

When someone orders your product, we take it from our warehouse and ship it to your customer.

Where we store your products

You can store products at our fulfillment center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in our Europe location in Riga, Latvia.

What you can store at our warehouse

Here are some examples of products that we’ll accept. But remember - we won’t be able to print designs on products that you send to us.

  • stationery
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • stickers
  • magnets
  • accessories
  • bags
  • pins
  • books
  • ... and much, much more
Restricted goods

We won't accept perishable goods, items with dimensions larger than 15"x15"x10", and products worth more than $500.

How much it costs

Fulfillment fee (per package containing item from the warehouse) $2.00
Picking fee (per each item in an order) $0.95
Receiving, processing, barcoding etc. Free
Packaging materials (if used - e.g. mixed order, t-shirts) At cost
Folding and packing clothing item in a clearbag $0.35
Individual packing of 11/15oz mugs (including materials) $0.75
Removal & return fee Calculated the same way as fulfillment fees
Item disposal fee $0.15 per item
Storage fees
1-50 units * $1.95
per cubic foot per month (per actual dimensions) with $25 monthly minimum
51-200 units * $1.65
per cubic foot per month (per actual dimensions) with $25 monthly minimum
200+ units * $1.35
per cubic foot per month (per actual dimensions) with $25 monthly minimum

* Calculated based on average volume and unit count per month

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