Printful partners with leading Japanese manufacturing company

Printful partners with leading Japanese manufacturing company

Aug 4, 2020

Charlotte, North Carolina—Printful launches partnership with one of the leading manufacturing companies in Japan. The print-on-demand dropshipping company Printful continues to rapidly expand its global operations and has announced a new partnership with a manufacturing company in Japan.

This partnership is one of the many ways Printful is working to improve its customer experience for customers worldwide. Since January 2020, the company has also opened a new fulfillment center in Spain, announced plans to open a fulfillment center in Canada, launched a French version of its website, and begun working with two Australian fulfillment partners. 

For Printful customers, the key benefits of this partnership in Japan are the improvements in product delivery time, lower shipping prices, and no customs or import taxes for the products fulfilled locally. Printful will start with offering 6 direct-to-garment (DTG) apparel products from brands like Anvil and Gildan, with the option to print only on the front of the garment. Printful will continuously expand its product catalog and capabilities. 

The average domestic delivery time for these DTG products is expected to be 1–3 business days, an improvement from the previous average of 8–30 business days for DTG items shipped to Japan from other Printful facilities.  Another benefit is a localized Printful experience for Japanese customers. A Japanese version of the Printful website and the use of the Japanese Yen have both been available since 2019.

“The Japanese market holds a lot of potential for Printful. Since we already offer our site in Japanese and use the Japanese Yen, partnering with an in-country manufacturing company was the next big step for us to move forward in Japan,” says Printful CEO Davis Siksnans.

Japan leads ecommerce sales in Asia and is ranked as one of the fastest-growing markets in the world with sales expected to reach $100 billion in 2020.

About Printful
Printful is one of the largest custom on-demand printing and warehousing companies in the world. It has fulfilled 20 million items since its launch in 2013. Printful fulfills and ships products like clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses.

Printful currently employs 1,000+ people across six locations in California, North Carolina, Latvia, Spain, and Mexico, and partners with fulfillment centers in Australia.