Grow your business with social commerce

Grow your business with social commerce

Learn the what, why, and how of the hottest ecommerce trend–social commerce–and use it now to boost your sales

What is social commerce?

Shopping on social media image

Shopping on social media

Social commerce is the process of selling and buying goods directly on social media. The entire shopping experience, from product discovery and research to the checkout process, happens within the same social app.

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Must-have tool for any business

By selling directly on social media you offer a streamlined and mobile-friendly user experience with no hiccups. You’re not redirecting users to an online store, and purchases take a handful of clicks. Customers are looking for the easiest and fastest way to shop, and with social commerce, you give them what they asked for.

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Future of ecommerce

Social commerce is the hottest ecommerce trend for a reason. Millennials and Gen Z are now the world’s most powerful consumers, and social media is where they shop. Start selling there before your competitors do and have this audience all to yourself.

Why use social commerce?

Sell on social media and enjoy these sales-boosting benefits

Increase brand visibility icon

Increase brand visibility

57% of the world's population are on social media, and you can share your products with this ever-growing audience

Be fast and convenient icon

Be fast and convenient

Selling directly on social media allows customers to shop much quicker and easier

Personalized shopping experience icon

Provide a personalized shopping experience

Social media algorithms will suggest your products to shoppers already looking for them based on their preferences

Build relationships with your customers icon

Build relationships with your customers

Promote and sell your products, receive feedback, and offer customer support all in one place

Embrace multichannel selling icon

Embrace multichannel selling

Sync your ecommerce store with multiple social media platforms and offer a unified shopping experience on all of them

Turn engagement into sales icon

Turn engagement into sales

84% of shoppers review at least one social media site before purchasing, so it’s time to start selling right there

Benefit from user-friendly interface icon

Benefit from user-friendly interface

Sell on social media and guarantee a mobile-friendly user experience to 79% of smartphone owners who shop from their phones

How to start selling on social media

Part 1
Choose the social media platform

Decide which social media to use depending on your niche, goals, and target audience

Part 2
Connect your ecommerce store to social media

Link your ecommerce store’s product catalog to your social media page and enable in-app checkout if it’s available

Part 3
Start selling and see profits roll in

Post photos, tag your products, and enjoy the perks of social commerce

Choose your social commerce channel wisely

Explore the social media platforms that offer user-friendly built-in shopping solutions

Instagram illustration


  • Offer your goods to potential customers on Instagram—60% of them use the app to discover new products
  • Engage shoppers with creative promotions and visual storytelling
  • Sell and share your brand story in Your Shop
  • Customize your shop by using Collections and sort products into themes
  • Provide pricing and descriptions in your catalog by using Product Detail Page
  • Let people make purchases directly in-app with Checkout on Instagram
  • Sell on multiple channels with feed, stories, the explore tab, IGTV, and reels all having built-in shopping solutions
Facebook illustration


  • Be visible to 250 million shoppers browsing the Facebook Shop tab every day
  • Embrace organic brand discovery–the app suggests your products to users based on their preferences
  • Manage your shops within your Facebook for Business profile
  • Automatically sync your entire product catalog by connecting your website or ecommerce store platform
  • Provide customer support and respond to customers’ questions through WhatsApp or Messenger 
Pinterest illustration


  • Offer your products to 454 million users with 89% of them using the app for shopping inspiration
  • Benefit from slow shopping—Pinterest users take a week to make a purchase but spend 2x more per month than people on other platforms
  • Allow users to shop directly by using Shop Tab on your profile
  • Turn your entire product catalog into browsable product Pins with up-to-date pricing information
  • Upload multiple feeds to the same account and control which products show up in different markets
  • Build customer trust by receiving a Verified merchant badge 

Go with BigCommerce + Printful to sell on top social media platforms

The right choice of ecommerce partners is the key to success

BigCommerce and Printful integration

What is BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an online store builder with a set of essential built-in tools for SEO, marketing, business reports, and so much more.

Why BigCommerce is the best for social commerce

BigCommerce offers integrations to sell on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, so they have everything there is to offer in the social commerce field.

Why use the BigCommerce integration with Printful

Create products using Printful and sync them with your BigCommerce store in a few easy steps. Then we'll fulfill and ship your orders automatically!

Social commerce is better with Printful illustration

Social commerce is better with Printful

Make your life easier with print-on-demand and we'll make sure your customers always get the best quality
Automate your sales icon
Automate your sales

Once you receive an order, it'll be sent to us and we'll fulfill, pack and ship them directly to your customer

Risk-free social commerce icon
Start social commerce risk-free

Print your products on-demand for each order individually without investing in bulk orders

Global business icon
Expand your business

Have your orders delivered to customers worldwide from nearby fulfillment centers all over the world

Don’t miss an opportunity to grow your business—start selling on social media now

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