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Integrate your online store with Facebook® Shops for free

Promote your store and products all across the Facebook® Family of Apps

Turn likes into sales with Facebook® Shops

Facebook shop

Content that sells

Your social media and store become one—products in your social media posts are now more accessible to your followers.

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Powerful ad tools

Promote your Facebook Shop to both newcomers and loyal customers with targeted ads.

Estimated delivery

Your store's orders to United States are delivered from November 1 to 3


We prepare and customize your product


We send out your customers' orders

How to set up a shop on Facebook® with print-on-demand


Sign up to Printful

Start your Printful account for free

Create an online store with an ecommerce platform

Facebook Shops is supported by BigCommerce, Shopify, and ShipStation

Connect your store to Printful

Integrate Printful with your store and add products to your catalog

Connect your store to Facebook Shops

Sync your online store with your Facebook Page

Start selling

Use Facebook to promote your store and connect with your customers

Customize and sell products on Facebook®

Build your catalog with 303 different customizable products

printful design services

In a rush to design products for your Facebook® Shop?

Our team of graphic designers can help you. Submit your idea and we'll create a product design for you.

Hire a designer

Connect your store to Facebook® Shops!

Why start selling on Facebook® with Printful

Automatic order fulfillment

We fulfill, pack, and ship your customers' orders automatically while you manage your business and marketing

Integrations with Facebook-friendly platforms

We integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, and ShipStation—all supported by the Facebook® Shops feature

No order minimums

Whether you've already established a large customer base or are still working to get your first order, there are no order volume limits

Worldwide shipping

Reach your Facebook followers across the globe

Easy-to-use design tool

Our Design Maker will help you design products in a matter of minutes

Free setup

Signing up for Printful and setting up a Facebook® Shop is completely free

Facebook® helps with success

I made about $35,000 in sales my first month. My second month, with Facebook advertising, we made $54,000, and we’ve been successful since then. We’ve had some great months, and during the pandemic, I even had a $203,000 month.

House of Chingasos

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