Basic steps to set up your store with Printful

When setting up your store, go through these points to make sure you've covered all the bases. We divided them between must-haves for your orders to go through, important next steps, and useful optional features.

Must-have elements for a successful connection with Printful

The essentials for your orders to go through

These are the steps you absolutely can't do without if you want your store to run smoothly.

1. Make sure your print files meet Printful's guidelines - Print files must be set to sRGB color profile. To make sure your file is in correct size and DPI, we recommend to use our print or embroidery file templates that are available in File guidelines under each product.

2. Add products - For orders to process automatically, all products you want fulfilled by Printful have to be synced with your ecommerce platform. There are two ways to do this:

1. With the push generator (available for most Printful integrations). This lets you add products to your store through Printful’s side. Go to Stores -> Add and complete each step.

2. With manual sync. Here, the starting point is your ecommerce store. First create a product in your store, then head to your Printful Dashboard -> Stores -> Sync and hit “Refresh data.” The products on your store will show up on Printful. Then edit each product, select variants, and upload your graphics.

3. Set fulfillment preferences - Your orders can be imported to Printful and fulfilled automatically, or they can import as drafts. Importing drafts means you’ll manually have confirm each order to proceed with fulfillment.

4. Set up a payment method on Printful - We accept credit cards, debit/bank cards, and PayPal. You can also prepay for orders by depositing funds directly into your Printful Wallet. Set up your default billing method under the Billing section in your Printful account.

5. Set up a payment processor on your storefront - You need to do this to accept payments from your customers. Check out the info provided by your ecommerce platform.

Extra next steps

These steps aren't mandatory for orders to go through, but you should definitely think about them to ensure a great customer experience.

6. Manage shipping settings - Review the shipping options for your store by going to Stores -> Edit -> Shipping.

7. Add a customs disclaimer - International orders might be subject to customs fees. We suggest you add this information to your store to set customer expectations.

8. Order samples - If you’re wondering what your final products or packaging will look like, submit a discounted sample order. Head to your Printful Dashboard -> New Order -> Sample Order.
Sample orders currently unavailable.

9. Place a test order - Create a test order through your ecommerce platform to check if the integration and your store work smoothly. After you see the order on your Dashboard, cancel it by clicking on the order -> "Cancel order."

10. Check your tax obligations - consult a tax specialist to learn about your tax requirements and the tax rates you may need to charge your customers.

Extra features to boost your brand

These final steps are optional and completely up to you, but they might help you take your store to the next level.

11. Upload custom branding sticker - We can add a free sticker of your logo on all your packages. Upload your design through Stores -> Edit -> Packing Slip.

12. Add a message to packing slip - Include a short message for your customers on your packing slip that's sent with every order. Go to Stores -> Edit -> Packing Slip.

13. Communicate your return policy - Printful has a unique return policy, so keep our policy in mind when creating your own.

14. Stock your non-Printful products - You can also store your non-Printful products with us - we'll ship them to your customers! Read more about our Warehousing & Fulfillment service here.

Must-have elements for a successful connection with Printful

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