Guidelines - Custom Printed Socks

Socks are an everyday necessity for most. These socks will give you maximum comfort and style simultaneously! 

Print sizes

In order to print high quality prints, we need high quality print files. So here are Printful's print file design guidelines.

All print files must be scaled to print size. Graphic that don't meet our guidelines might not be printed correctly.

  • Designs are printed on the leg of the sock – the foot portion will be black.
  • Graphics for the basic template are 4.66”(W) x 8”(H) / 150 dpi.
  • Graphics for the advanced template are 18.64”(W) x 8”(H) / 150 dpi.
  • Exact placement is not possible.
  • Text placement will not be precise.
  • Making a seamless image that goes from front to back is not possible.
  • Any space without graphics prints out white.

There are two templates for designing socks:

Basic template

Print file size: 4.66” x 8”
Safe print area:
Keep all important text or graphics within the safe print area
  • This template offers no customization, but it's easier to use
  • The same graphic will be printed on each side of the sock
  • Socks printed with the basic template will be identical

Advanced Template

Print file size: 18.64” x 8”
Safe print area:
Keep all important text or graphics within the safe print area
  • This template gives you full control of customization and requires more design knowledge
  • You can create a different graphic for each side of the sock
  • If you want a matching pair of socks, make sure your graphics are mirrored

Must follow print file guides

  1. File Format
    Please submit your files in JPG, PNG or PSD format.
  2. Color
    All colors should be in RGB.

  3. Fonts
    All fonts in the print file should be converted to outlines so you don't have to send over the font files



We cannot guarantee perfect placement for our socks. Graphics that wrap around might not be aligned seamlessly.


Ink Residue

Using too many dark colors in your graphics may result in faint lines of ink residue on the front and back of your socks. This is caused by ink bleeding from your graphics during the sublimation process.

We recommend using lighter colors in your graphics, or avoid using dark colors with large spaces of white.

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