unsold inventory

Stop losing money on unsold inventory

Sell merchandise worldwide with on-demand fulfillment

Bulk manufacturing limits your growth

product offering

Your product offering is limited

Releasing new collections is costly and risky. You have to forecast demand, invest in inventory, and risk losing money when a product doesn’t sell. That limits your ability to test more designs and products. 

With Printful on-demand production, you can:

  • Expand your product assortment with 438 products
  • Experiment with new designs without upfront costs
  • See what sells and adjust your assortment accordingly



long time-to-market

It takes months to release new products

Bulk manufacturing is time-consuming. It takes weeks or even months to add new products to your store. It’s complicated to test new designs and impossible to react to trends fast. 

With our free design tools and on-demand production, you can:

  • Reduce your time-to-market from months to hours
  • React to trends immediately and test all your ideas
  • Never get stuck with unsold inventory when trends lose popularity



product customization

Product customization is ineffective for you

Screen printing in bulk means you can’t let your customers design their own merchandise. 

With our design tool integration and on-demand production, you can:

  • Let customers personalize your products at no extra cost
  • Attract new customers by offering a personal shopping experience
  • Stand out from other brands and engage with customers



leftover stock

You risk losing money with under or overstocking

Ordering in bulk means buying inventory. It’s hard to forecast demand and predict emerging trends, so you might end up with too much or too little stock. 

On-demand manufacturing allows you to:

  • Mitigate inventory risks if a product doesn’t sell
  • Avoid missing out on sales because of out-of-stock items
  • Increase production capacity according to seasonal demand

Scale your business with on-demand fulfillment

on-demand fulfillment

How can Printful help?

Printful is a print-on-demand company, which means we fulfill your orders only once they’re placed. Our global network of facilities offers the exact capacity you need, regardless of your order volume.
Our on-demand solution helps your business avoid risks, reduce upfront costs, increase capacity, expand product variety, and reduce overproduction.

Compare the pros and cons of bulk vs on-demand production

DTG printing on-demand

Pros Cons
Unlimited print colors per design Can’t use specialty inks to create textures
No printing setup costs, hassle, or expenses Print area limitations
Ideal for both intricate and simple designs Prints best on cotton garments
Fast product time-to-market
No order minimums or inventory needed

Screen printing in bulk

Pros Cons
Can be printed on various textiles Takes hours to set up screens and print designs in multiple colors
Designs with solid graphics look good Limited print colors; usually, less than 9
Precise color matching in prints Graphics with small details don’t look good
Slow product time-to-market
Must invest in inventory and warehousing

Your business, powered by on-demand fulfillment

Part 1
You design and sell

Create a design and push the product to your store in less than an hour

Part 2
Your customers order

We automatically route your orders to the closest fulfillment center for efficient shipping

Part 3
We fulfill the order

We print, quality check, and pack the order in 2–5 business days

Part 4
We ship the package

Your customer gets their order fast with trackable delivery services worldwide

Other brands see the on-demand potential. Do you?

The great thing about Printful and POD model is the ability to test designs, market them to see what works and what doesn't, avoiding carrying inventory and massive start-up costs.

Carlos Ugalde

House of Chingasos
house of chingasos

Being able to change direction in designs, products, and styles without having to order 1000s of units is a big advantage for us over other brands.

Kirsten Trancheff


The biggest advantage has been our ability to respond quickly to trends and demand by putting out fresh and exciting new designs and products in as little as hours.

Dean Malka

Swish Embassy

Trusted to print 50M+ items to date

items fulfilled

1M+ orders delivered every month and we’re ready to ship even more

premium products

438 premium merchandise pieces you can customize with print and embroidery designs

reshipment rate

Only 0.26% of all orders reshipped due to quality concerns

sustainable production

Map your way to sustainability with mindful production

  • Get extra sales as consumers will buy and pay more for an eco-friendly product
  • Reduce overproduction as we manufacture only what’s bought
  • Never waste your money and textile as you won’t produce in bulk

Reach customers all over the globe

A map of the world is shown that highlights where Printful fulfills your orders: Riga, Latvia; Barcelona, Spain; Birmingham, The United Kingdom; Partner facilities in Amakusa and Kashima, Japan; Partner facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Charlotte, North Carolina, Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, United States; Tijuana, Mexico, Partner facility in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Melbourne, Australia Partner facility Brisbane, Australia Partner facility Riga, Latvia Birmingham, UK Barcelona, Spain Los Angeles, CA Charlotte, NC Dallas, TX Toronto, Canada Tijuana, Mexico Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Partner facility Kashima, Japan Amakusa, Japan Partner facility Partner facility