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Bring event merchandise sales online

Make more money from events

Sell merchandise along with tickets

No, you don’t need to develop a new solution. Our team already did that.

Part 1
Event organizers customize

Your partners create merch with our easy product design widget

Part 2
You sell event merchandise

Offer event-related products along with tickets

Part 3
Printful takes care of production

We automatically receive, print, and ship the orders under the event name

An untapped revenue goldmine: event merchandise

Harness this potential before your competitors do

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About 21% of concertgoers buy event-related merch. Imagine, 750K people went to Coachella in 2022. That means over 157K wanted to purchase merchandise. With an average t-shirt price of $30+, that makes over $4.7M in revenue.

But high demand also creates grueling lines with hours of waiting time. Don’t miss out on millions in sales because of lines. Offer merchandise pre-event.

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Online streams come with a limitless crowd, vastly increasing the potential revenue of each event.

  • 36M sessions during Twenty One Pilots’ “Scaled and Icy” live stream
  • 2.5M views in the first 2 hours of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour Prom” concert film release
  • 5M viewers for Dua Lipa’s “Studio 2054” live stream

85% of artists will continue streaming events even with concerts going back to normal. Become their go-to platform for both tickets and merchandise.

Make merchandise sales easy for event organizers

Add a built-in design widget to your ticket checkout

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Get a ready-made solution

We’ve already developed a design widget to fit your store. All you need to do is connect your site with Printful.

Offer an easy design process

The design widget comes with built-in visuals and tools. Your partners can create merchandise hassle-free and with no prior design experience.

Get quality results whatever the design

Our AI tools will automatically upscale your partners’ designs. That way, every design is optimized for the best printing results.

Pioneer your market

The ticketing industry is still coming around to our design widget. Be a market trailblazer and among the first to offer merch customization to event organizers.

What makes pre-event merch sales work

Fewer lines, more fun

Why ruin the fans’ experience by making them stand in line for half of the event? Offer customers merch during ticket sales so they can sport their swag past the queues.

No more FOMO

The best items at merch stands sell out fast. Let shoppers get their desired items before the show with on-demand fulfillment.

Merch ready before the event

Event merchandise is the most relevant around the event. Give the audience a chance to wear it before and during the show, not just after it.

Online-exclusive deals and products

Reward customers who buy merchandise along with their tickets with special discounts and limited edition merch.

Offer event merchandise to fans globally

Reach audiences anywhere with fast shipping

A map of the world is shown that highlights where Printful fulfills your orders: Riga, Latvia; Barcelona, Spain; Birmingham, The United Kingdom; Partner facilities in Amakusa and Kashima, Japan; Partner facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Charlotte, North Carolina, Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, United States; Tijuana, Mexico, Partner facility in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Melbourne, Australia Partner facility Brisbane, Australia Partner facility Riga, Latvia Birmingham, UK Barcelona, Spain Los Angeles, CA Charlotte, NC Dallas, TX Toronto, Canada Tijuana, Mexico Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Partner facility Kashima, Japan Amakusa, Japan Partner facility Partner facility

Let us help you add merchandise sales to your ticketing platform

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Elie Sleiman

Elie Sleiman

Global Strategic Account Executive

“Merch is a surefire way to make events unforgettable, and with print-on-demand, there’s no reason not to leverage it.”

“Merch is a surefire way to make events unforgettable, and with print-on-demand, there’s no reason not to leverage it.”