Surprise your Etsy customers with free shipping

Set up free shipping on Etsy, and we’ll cover the cost until April 15

Boost your Etsy sales without spending extra

Free shipping is a proven way to grow sales—and this one’s on us! Printful will cover the shipping costs until April 15, 2023. This offer is only available for a select number of stores*.

Just set up free shipping on Etsy, and we’ll cover the cost automatically.

*Your store is eligible if you received an email about this promotion or saw it on your Printful Dashboard.


What’s so great about free shipping?

9 out of 10 customers claim free shipping as their top reason for shopping online more often. And it shows: 

  • During our previous free shipping campaign, participants saw a 25% increase in sales compared to the month before
  • Those who participated got 78% more orders than those who decided to sit this one out

Spread the good news

Here are some ways to share the offer with your customers:

  • Advertise your free shipping campaign on social media
  • Display the offer in your Etsy store announcement
  • Create an Etsy Ads campaign to drive traffic to your store

Draw more attention with new items

Offer new products and designs during the free shipping period

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